Watercolor Wednesday // Early Quiet Mornings

Aside from the fact I used watercolor as a medium (green triangle and a white-wash on the mug), I wouldn't quite consider this painting a "watercolor". It's really just a fun, quick sketch with lovely accents.

The quote, on the other hand, I'm loving.

I've been waking up super early the past few mornings (which is rare for me). Most mornings, JD lovingly drags me out of bed and I feel anxiously rushed to get the day going.

As I was slowly breathing in the fresh air this morning, these words hit me like a rock: 

Quiet, early mornings are rich for the soul.

There's something undeniably comforting about waking up with the sun and the birds, soaking in God's Word and drinking a warm cup of coffee in solitude. The rush of the day has yet to begin. 

Maybe you love the painting or maybe you just love the words. Maybe you hate it altogether. It's okay if you do [just don't tell me]. Either way, the print is available for digital download on our Etsy site! [click this link]