Jitney's Journeys : Proverbs 31 Fabric Collage

A sweet friend, Halee, asked me if I could make something special for her mom's birthday, specifically a piece focused on Proverbs 31. After brainstorming different ideas, we decided on a fabric collage with a neutral color palette and pops of pink and turquoise, as well as burlap and lace. I embraced the theme of threes (because of her mom's three daughters) then adorned the collage with three vintage brooches and three ivory buttons.

When my great-grandmother passed away, she left tons of boxes filled with lovely sewing supplies, lace, zippers, fabric... anything you can think of in the sewing department. I, of course, wanted to incorporate several of those things into the collage (this theme reminds me so much of her) so I used one of her unfinished fabric squares as the first layer of the collage as well as lace and some of the crocheted doilies I found in the stash.

Halee sent me two pictures to use, one of her and her two sisters when they were younger, and the other of her family at Disney World this year. A vintage spoon is the center of the piece with "mother" engraved into it (in hindsight, I was I had used larger-set metal stamps but I used what I had) and a vial of pink flowers laid on a paper flower made of tissue, sheet music and kraft paper.

My absolute favorite part of Jitney's is being able to make personalized gifts like this. I've yet to meet Halee's mother, but what an honor it is to create a piece for a woman Halee loves so dearly!