Trying to Catch Up

I've gotten into a terrible habit. Procrastination. At one time in my life, "deadlines" meant that I should turn in the assignment days before it is due but now I'm relieved if I complete something by the due date / deadline.

Yet perhaps, maybe it's not so much about procrastination, but more about feeling overwhelmed and not knowing how to place things back in order. I push things aside because I begin working on something that I think is more of a priority at the time, not because I'm simply putting it off. Then things begin to pile up.

After we returned from Hawaii, I had grand plans to write biweekly posts but it just didn't happen. It's been difficult to simply "catch up" on everything. Unpacking. Laundry. Hanging out with friends. Eating healthy. Emails. Jitney orders. The blog. 

Like most things in life, the toughest part is figuring out where to start. You're sitting at the bottom of Mount Everest with hundreds of routes to choose between. You can strategize for months and months but you won't get anywhere until you actually start climbing. (Not that I've ever climbed Mount Everest but I would imagine it to be a similar strategic predicament.) You must take those first steps.

So here it goes... I have a lot to write about and I've been debating on where to start. I've tried to plan it out but then I get overwhelmed and push it aside. Over the next few weeks (fingers-crossed), I'll be posting, in no particular order, about what life has looked like throughout July (and some of June). This includes our Hawaii trip, an amazing baby shower I had the pleasure of hosting with some other fantastic ladies, creative days, and lots of finished / ready to post Jitney orders. 

Or at least... that's the plan. Hey, I'm getting started though, right?

What have you pushed aside that you need to start on? It's Tuesday - what better day to pick up where you left off and begin climbing again than today?