How to Decorate a Wall with Ribbon, Mesh, and Tape

We are so excited to have guest writer, Carolyn Clarke from Paper Mart, with us for a couple of guest posts. Today she's discussing ideas for decorating walls with ribbon, mesh and tape! 

One of the most thrilling things about styling your home is the endless possibility for creativity and reinvention. If you are a DIY maven, a decor enthusiast, or simply someone looking to spruce up your home on a budget, then Paper Mart is a top shopping resource for all of your home decor craft and project supplies. DIY projects are the perfect inexpensive and fun way to help you create the home of your dreams, which is why we’re offering up some of our ideas for working with a few of our favorite supplies. With simple products like ribbon, mesh, and tape that are easy to find in stores and online, you’ll be able to create beautiful wall decor on a dime.

How to Create Ribbon Wall Hangings

Grosgrain Ribbon from Paper Mart

If you’re like us, you probably lament that there are too few opportunities to buy beautiful ribbons. However, ribbons can make a beautiful wall hanging that will add color and drama to any wall in your home. All you need is some kind of rod or bar to tie your ribbons around, and several yards of ribbon in colors that you adore. You can cut the ribbon in lengths of your choosing, whether that means they dangle a foot or two or graze the floor. Then, tie the ribbons around the bar so that the entire length of it is completely covered. Grosgrain ribbon has just the right texture for this kind of project, and it is easy and fun to change up the colors of your ribbons should you want to make a holiday-themed wall hanging or if you’re updating your home.

Easy, Temporary Wall Art with Washi Tape

Washi tape is an absolute wonder product: it comes in countless fun, vivid colors, is made from natural materials, and is incredibly durable. Washi tape is also a wonderful supply for creating customized wall art without committing to any particular design, should your tastes change. Whether you want to create an abstract geometric pattern using washi tape, or would like to duplicate a wallpaper effect with well-spaced patterns, spell out words or phrases, or even want to let your kids “draw” on the walls of their rooms, there is almost no end to the ways you can play with this amazing stuff. 

Dreamy Mesh Decor

Mesh Ribbon from Paper Mart

Mesh is perfect for decor projects because it is pliable and easy to drape. Make loops of mesh to create an elegant, gauzy wreath, or wind your favorite color of mesh around a strand of white lights for a fun, bohemian look with a little bit of color. Mesh flowers can also be used to create a beautiful garland to string along your walls, adding an ethereal, feminine look. There are so many fun projects you can dream up with ribbon, mesh, and tape, and we hope we’ve encouraged you to take the plunge and explore ways to have fun with your decor. 

Author Bio: Carolyn Clarke is a freelance writer from Omaha, Nebraska. She has written for clients like Demand Media and the Omaha World-Herald. When she isn’t working on DIY projects with her two daughters, Lauryn and Lila, she’s volunteering at her local pet shelter.