Jitney Weekend Adventures // Baby Levi, Mae in Concert and the Adams Family

This past weekend was possibly the craziest weekend we've had in a while. The original plan was to drive down to Atlanta for the weekend to spend time with my family and to see Mae in concert (insert an infinity amount of !!!!'s here). But JD received a call Friday morning from our brother-in-law, Brandon, saying that Theresa (JD's sister) was going to the hospital with possible pregnancy complications (thankfully, everything was fine!). We waited until around 2 in the afternoon to fill up the car and head down to Georgia. As soon as JD finished filling up the car, Brandon called and said, "We're having a baby! Head on over!" So we changed sails and headed to Mississippi just in time to give Brandon and Theresa big hugs before this little precious little guy was born (insert another infinity amount of !!!!'s here)! 

 It's hard to believe we co-hosted his little baby shower only one month ago!

Arriving one week ahead of his due date, our sweet little nephew (James Levi Harris) was born Friday night at 8:16, weighing in at 7 lbs and 2 oz. Theresa and Levi (and Brandon) are all doing superbly well! She made labor and delivery look easy. We cannot get enough of this little bundle of joy and can't wait to see him again soon!

We left around noon Saturday to drive to Atlanta for the Mae concert.

Let's talk about Mae for a bit: You know that band that you grow up with? You follow their music from the beginning. You feel like you know them (even though you don't). And you feel like they know you (obviously, they don't know you either). That band was Mae for me. I played their music during celebrations, heartaches, transitions, rainy days, sunny days. Tisbury Lane was programmed as my alarm clock song in high school and college (I'm still not tired of it). The Everglow was my faithful companion during car rides back and forth from Auburn. Their music always has and will continue to resonate with every season of my life. It's beautiful. 

When Mae was on the original Everglow tour, I was finishing up my senior year of high school. You have no idea how badly I wanted to see them in concert. But it didn't happen. (There is a very humorous story behind this, but just not a story I should share publicly on our blog. Email us if you're really hanging on the edge of your seat.) 

When JD and I found out that they were having The Everglow tenth year anniversary tour, you better believe we snatched up those tickets and stood front row (ok, well we were in like the second or third row) center. Everything about the concert was ridiculously magical - the lights. the music. the entire crowd singing together. being there with my husband. sigh. perfection. It was worth the wait. 


After the concert, we went to the GA Tech Waffle House with our friends from Huntsville then headed back to my parents' house outside of Atlanta. Side note: I'm not a GA Tech fan by any degree but their Waffle House was super cool. We'd recommend it. We woke up and had a charming breakfast with my parents on their back porch. Mom and dad went all-out on the cooking. Pancakes, quiche, bacon, fruit, potatoes and veggies. Also perfection. Dad and JD paddled out on the lake while mom and I hung out on the dock for a while then my sweet cousins Pam, Haley and Faith came over to hang out for a while. JD and I may or may not have taken a nap before we headed back to Huntsville because we were so stinkin' exhausted from the amazing weekend we had with family and friends. Every single minute of it was perfectly worth it. Hope you had a fantastic weekend and have been enjoying your week!