Mia Kai // Six Months Old

6 months old mia kai // jitneys

Our little one is still very little but she is definitely growing!! She is curious, content and chill. Terrified of beards, sitting up like a pro, almost able to roll from her tummy to her back by herself, and has decided not to take a paci anymore. She's a fickle little one but also very determined. She's either stoic or really giggly... not much in between. Her little personality is definitely coming through. In fact, she seems to be pretty shy, which we never would've expected. She "talks" to her toys until she notices JD or me in the room with her then goes silent. Haha! It's actually super cute. She's loving the Exersaucer now that her feet can touch the bottom but she despises the Johnny Doorway Jumper. 

Clothes: Still in newborn shorts but wearing 6 month jammies and other clothes. We're slowly starting to transition actual shirts rather than only onesies. We never thought she would grow out of those giant newborn clothes but she is! It's so fun watching her grow! 

We spent most of the month in Hawaii, traveling between Oahu and Kauai. She got her first cold while we were in Kauai but handled it like a champ. Because of her surgery / scar, she's not allowed to get into a pool but we would spend some time hanging out in the shade beside it early in the mornings. We visited the Honolulu Zoo for the first time, drove up Waimea Canyon, saw her first parade in Waikiki, went to the Dole Plantation (where she so sweetly fell asleep on the Dole train) and walked around the Byodo-In Temple. Whew! What a month this has been!!