How to Use Your Agenda! // My Personal Weekly + Monthly Layout

I confess. I have an obsession with paper. And pens. And probably washi tape. Oh, and fun little paper clips. It only makes sense that I have always used a paper planner. I've tried Google Calendar. I'll use it every now and then for reminders but a paper planner has very rarely let me down. I can lay it out, skim the months' and weeks' plans, write random notes that are somehow easier for me to find than typing it into a search bar and make it pretty / practice handlettering or doodles!! 

It just works for me. And it always has.

I've used my fair share of planners. A few years ago, I decided to design my own. Something that would work for me. I took concepts that I liked from planners I used since high school; brainstormed; designed it on paper; added tons of details that I needed on a monthly, weekly and daily basis; and finally built my perfect planner - which has actually ended up being the perfect planner for so many others! 

People ask how I plan things out in my Agenda. What better way to show y'all than to show you weekly and monthly layouts?? There are so many ways you can arrange, organize and decorate your Agenda! I, for one, love using washi tape, stickers and fun paperclips. My favorite selection is at Michaels but I'm also a fan of Etsy, Hobby Lobby and eBay.



These are samples of what weekly and monthly layouts look for me personally but next week I'll post samples for students and teachers! If you have a weekly or monthly schedule that you would like to see in a mock layout (how I would arrange it in the Agenda), email me here and I'll put one together for you!

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