Mia Kai // Four Months Old

If you're following along with the 2016 Scripture Memory / Dwell Richly printable, here's the verse for week 34:

"You, Lord, are my lamp; the Lord turns my darkness into light." 2 Samuel 22:29 (NIV)

Mia Kai // Four Months Old Update

I almost forgot to post!!! Mia Kai turned four months old August 5th so I'm obviously behind but here's what happened in her fourth month of life...

I've never quite understood when parents would say their babies are starting to show their personalities. They're babies!! How can their little personalities develop so quickly? I get it now though. In the past month, we've seen how strong-willed, determined, inquisitive, observant and happy our little Pineapple is. And it blows us away. 

She LOVES giggling // looking at everything with her big brown eyes // bathtime // strolls around the neighborhood // Facetiming with family // weekly lunch at Whole Foods // Supper Club // play dates // playing peek-a-boo // clicking her tongue // waiting outside with me for Daddy to come home // chewing on everything, especially fabric // her Wubbanbub (Ralphie) not so much the paci part, but more of just Ralphie's hooves and ears // her lovey (Ellie, the elephant) // kicking around // dancing with Dad's help // grabbing our hair // making lots of 'conversation'.

Baby Mia Kai Craniosynostosis Scar Healing // via Jitney's Journeys

We wouldn't say she's necessarily 'shy' but she is a bit bashful. Mia Kai is totally chill when getting passed around and being held by people she's never met before but it takes her a while before she gets comfortable and starts chatting away. She sleeps through the night (about 8 hours) and takes 30 minute naps in between each feeding. (Praise Jesus!) I'm still exclusively pumping and she eats anywhere from five to seven ounces per feeding, every three to four hours. She's still having to sleep with the half donut around the back of her neck and at an incline so we keep her in the Rock 'N Play. The donut looks super uncomfortable but she still sleeps through the night so I guess it works for her! Her steri strips were removed after her follow-up appointment from surgery (thank you, Kandess!!) and her scar is healing nicely. Whew! She started rolling from her back to her front during tummy time but it's normally not on purpose. Loud noises surprise her and make her giggle, rather than scare her like they did before. She also started 'teething' towards the end of the month. Yikes! 

Mia Kai brings us so. much. JOY. It's hard to wrap our minds around the fact that God would entrust us with such a sweet little girl. But He has. And for that, we are deeply grateful and humbled. I keep thinking back to when JD and I were first married. I would wake up beside him and think, "This can't be real. It is just too good. Too sweet." I still think that every day with him but now I feel like that with Mia Kai too. What an honor it is to live life with these two! 

And our favorite video from this month is...