Mia Kai // Five Months Old

If you're following along with the 2016 Scripture Memory / Dwell Richly printable, here's the verse for week 36:

"Though an army encamp against me, my heart shall not fear; though war arise against me, yet I will be confident." Psalm 27:3 (ESV)

Mia Kai tutu // five months old via Jitney's Journeys

This has been a huge month of 'firsts' for Mia Kai. 

Her four month check-up was at the beginning of the month. She weighed 12 lbs, 5 oz (10th percentile) and measured 21" long (5th percentile for height). In other words, she's still very dainty and 'petite'. Eczema has been an issue so we had to switch from my favorite Baby Aveeno products to CeraVe. The creases in between her feet and ankles were especially dry so we had to lotion them up with Cortizone. 

Highlights of this month: First flight // first trip to Hawaii // first time sitting up unsupported // first time eating food (rice cereal) // first diaper rash (from Butt Paste!! What?! We used Desitin and it was healed by the next morning) // first time to church (we were advised not to take her during her first few months, especially before and right after her surgery) // first time dipping her toes into the ocean // first trip to the zoo // first time sitting in a high chair. 

Thanks to our friends, Matt and Katy Jo, JD and I also had our first date night with friends watching her rather than family. Mia Kai did really well and had a blast hanging out with one of her besties, Ella Reese! JD and I went to Texas de Brazil (they had a great special - thanks for keeping us in the loop, Elizabeth) then finished the night with the delicious Steel City Pops. 

Mia Kai // Beach Baby // via Jitney's Journeys

MK is mastering the sitting up position but when she does fall over, she rolls onto her tummy then pushes right back over. Babies are so smart. It's so fun watching Mia Kai figure things out and grow!

Many of you have asked how she did on her first flight. She did better than we expected but we wouldn't say it wasn't amazing either. Haha! The trip from HSV to ATL was great! She fell asleep right before takeoff and slept until we landed. I had the bottle and paci readily available but she didn't need it so that was a nice surprise. I think the other passengers were pleasantly surprised as well. We definitely received 'the looks' as people boarded like, I really hope I'm not beside you, but if I am, I really hope your baby sleeps the whole way. People kept looking back to see if she was sleeping or not then gave me the nod of approval as the flight continued. It was actually pretty funny. She got her first pair of wings (thanks Delta!) and we were on our way. Then we boarded the flight from ATL to HNL. Mia Kai slept a good bit but she also wanted to stretch and eat a lot and have us walk her around a good bit. Overall, she was just fussier than normal. JD and I took turns changing her diaper and carrying her around in the Ergo

Honestly, the worst part of the flight is that I was still pumping every four hours or so. Everything I read online said aircrafts have electric outlets onboard so I didn't even think to bring a manual pump. Plus every plane we'd been on for that specific flight had electric outlets at every seat. Not this one. They didn't even have outlets in the bathroom. So basically, I went a little more than 13 hours without pumping. It. Was. Rough. Engorged was an understatement. After that, I decided to tone back the pumping and switch to formula, especially since MK's surgery has been completed. I'm currently down to pumping once a day and am aiming to be finished completely by the end of the month. She is eating about six to eight ounces per feeding every three to four hours, along with her evening snack of rice cereal. 

Honolulu Zoo // via Jitney's Journeys

It has been a joy bringing Mia Kai to Hawaii with us for the first time! We've kept it pretty low key. We went to a birthday party for one of our friend's kids, ate at our favorite restaurants and sat in the shade at the pool. Mia Kai isn't allowed to get in the pool yet because of her scar so her and I hang out in the room or go on walks while JD is at work.

We've been to Oahu a good bit but this was our first trip to the zoo. We probably enjoyed it more than Mia Kai but it was still fun to take her! I also had the pleasure of introducing Mia Kai to our housekeeper and friend, Magdalena. She always makes our stay so enjoyable! I met her in January when I was still pregnant with Mia Kai. I almost cried happy tears when she walked into our room the first day and actually had the chance to meet Mia Kai. She greets us daily with the sweetest smile and always makes time to chat with us. We just adore Magdalena!! I also had the chance to meet Minted artist (and now, friend!), Lori James, and get together with one of my friends from childhood who I hadn't seen in 20+ years! We love our community in Huntsville and it would honestly get kind of tough being over here without 'community' and friends to hang out with over the past few years. I'm deeply grateful for the friends God has so graciously put into our lives on the island throughout this year. It has been incredibly refreshing!! 

five months old update // mia kai // via Jitney's Journeys

In other news: I've been getting back in the groove of Jitney goodness with pattern designs, painting and the Agenda release.  Of course, now I have a little helper to hang out with me in the studio too. It's hard learning how to balance my time wisely but I'm getting there! We love our Little Pineapple more than words could express and we love that she is a part of our family!