2018 Agenda Update!

Oh, friends. I just ate an entire Espresso Ritter Sport chocolate bar while trying to type a blog post for this. We won't be selling 2018 Agendas this year. We've had so much going on between traveling and our house renovations, the Agendas got lost in the shuffle of it all. I've dreaded this announcement. I love using our Agenda and I love seeing others enjoy it so much!! The organization of it all, the largeness of it, the scripture written within it. It brings my heart so much joy. But I've prayed about it. I've spoken (probably on too many occasions) with JD and friends about it, and it just seems like that's what we need to do this year.

Please know that we fully intend on releasing a 2019 Agenda with new illustrations and Dwell Richly scripture (which I'm incredibly excited about!!). In fact, I've already been working on it all. 

If we released a 2018 Agenda, we wouldn't be able to ship them until November. I love you all but in these upcoming months, I want to unapologetically pour everything into our family, our upcoming travel experiences and re-establishing our newly renovated home. Thank you for understanding and I can't wait to share sneak peeks with you of exciting new Jitney things in the year to come!

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Watercolor by Jitneys