Lake Towada // Aomori, Japan

Lake Towada is beautiful yet eerie and mystical. We may not be in Scotland, but I was convinced that the Loch Ness Monster was going to come up through this fog at any moment. We visited in August so it was a bit chilly and obviously rainy. Lake Towada is known for its natural exhibition of the four seasons. It would be perfect during autumn / maple season! We would love to check it out again on a sunny day.

Lake Towada Aomori Japan
Lake Towada Japan via Jitneys
Lake Towada Japan via Jitneys

The lake was formed during a giant volcanic eruption and is the third deepest lake in Japan. We have also endearingly renamed Lake Towada as "Swan Lake" due to their lovely paddle boats. Mia Kai loved her first ferry ride. She walked up and down the aisle waving at everyone. 

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