Secluded Beach // Kauai, Hawaii

When the parking lot was full for Secret Beach, we improvised. Our main goal was to find a secluded beach with shade somewhere around that area so that we wouldn't lose much time.


I'll be honest. I have no recollection of what this beach was actually called. But I can give you a description of how we got there! We parked at a condo parking lot near the St. Regis in Princeville, walked down a small path to this outlook:

Kauai Beach

Please note that this is about a +50 foot cliff overlook to the reef. This photo is deceiving! We then walked down the condo lawn to the left, crossed over a tiny river then hiked through a small forrest and over a few lava rocks. We ended up at a gorgeous secluded beach with only two other people in sight (and quite a few chickens, which is typical on this island). We laid out our boho blanket under the shade and enjoyed the beach all to ourselves!