Kalalau Hike // Kauai, Hawaii

Hello! It's been a while since we've posted but I'm working on that. Last year was quite the year. We traveled about half the year and renovated about 75% of the upstairs of our home. That means we have lots to write about though! We'll start with travels to our favorite tropical island: Kauai!

Hike Kauai

When people ask us about things to do on Kauai, we say: (1) take a helicopter tour and (2) HIKE.

Kauai has some of the best hiking we've ever experienced. JD always researches the coolest hikes and this one was no different. There were zero waterfalls (which is high on the criteria list for a great hike) but the views were amazing and inspiring! And we also love a good tree tunnel. I especially loved the giant ferns uncurling to bask in the sun. Sometimes I wonder if Dr. Seuss hiked through Hawaii for inspiration. Seriously. The fauna here is remarkable. 

This trip was particularly special to us because it was the first time Mia Kai stood up by herself and took her first steps! It was also her first case of pink eye so her and I spent a lot of time by ourselves 

We stayed at the beautiful Koloa Landing Resort in Poipu. We've been watching the construction on this lagoon / pool area for a few years now, so to finally see it at completion and to SWIM in it?! Pure. Bliss. We also ate at Bull Shed for the first time. It was delish!! It was somewhat hard to find but the food is fantastic and the large windows overlooking the ocean put this place at the top of our Don't Miss list!