Mia Kai in Hawaii // Oahu and Kaua'i

We've decided that Mia Kai has basically waited until we were on Hawaiian soil to hit any of her milestones. She started crawling around ten months while on Kaua'i then took her first steps at 13 months old, once again on Kaua'i. She was nine and ten months old during this trip and I have to say, this is the age I captured some of my favorite photos of this sweet girl:

I want them enlarged as giant prints to hang in our entry way.

Pictured below: We also got her ears pierced on this trip on Oahu at Pigtails and Crewcuts. She did great! She cried for less than one minute. The ladies who pierced her ears were fantastic and they did both ears at the same time. I think this made it so much easier for her! Since so many babies have pierced ears in Hawaii, we felt more comfortable getting her ears pierced there than back home. 

Photos 2 + 3: We hiked the Wai Koa Loop on Kauai which was quite a bit different from the more uphill / mountainous hikes we tend to tread. The trail had pretty fantastic reviews on TripAdvisor so we had high expectations. But the trail was hot, not super shaded and pretty flat the whole way. It was uncomfortable and just not our favorite. The gardens near the dam are lovely though. We stopped to enjoy a quick picnic beside the dam then began walking back. The walk back was a bit more shaded but still flat, hot and bug-ridden. We wouldn't mind doing it again but it wouldn't be at the top of our list. 

Photo 4: We all tried our first starfruit, which is an amazing little fruit! I felt so naive when I asked someone, "How did you cut them in these little star shapes?!" The fruit is literally in the shape of a star then you slice it. It's naturally decorative! I want them at every event we host! 

Photo 5: We spent time at Baby Beach in Poipu. This was in January so the water was still a little chilly but Mia Kai loved playing in the sand! It's a great little place for babies and toddlers! 

Photo 6: While on Oahu, we finally set foot into the new International Market Place. It was once a little alleyway of souvenir kiosks but now it is a beautifully designed, upscale shopping center with fabulous dining options. We love that they kept the monumental trees and actually integrated them into the design. Mia Kai and I would stroll to the open grassy area and play in the mornings while we waited for JD to come back from work. It was super nice! 

Finally, one of my favorite photos of my two loves at a Kauai sunset: 

Father Daughter at Kauai Sunset via Jitneys