Mia Kai // Three Months Old

This month has been filled with the widest range of emotions we've ever experienced. Our sweet little girl had craniofacial reconstructive surgery last week to fix her Craniosynostosis. We'll write more blog posts about that entire process but we wanted to document it for her three month mark. Countless amounts of people have been praying for us. Three different people even put prayers in the Wailing Wall for Mia Kai. We can't even begin to express just how much it has meant to us and how encouraged we've been through it all. 

We've had a number of big firsts this month, including JD's first Father's Day (yay!). 

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Mia Kai // Two Months Old!

Mia Kai is now two months old! I couldn't decide between photos so I went with both. ;) One obviously shows her dainty side and the other her playful side. She's beginning to develop a little personality and we're having so much fun! This month has been filled with exciting new things filled with lots of giggles, smiles and observations.

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