Mia Kai // Six Months Old

Our little one is still very little but she is definitely growing!! She is curious, content and chill. Terrified of beards, sitting up like a pro, almost able to roll from her tummy to her back by herself, and has decided not to take a paci anymore. She's a fickle little one but also very determined. She's either stoic or really giggly... not much in between. Her little personality is definitely coming through. In fact, she seems to be pretty shy, which we never would've expected. She "talks" to her toys until she notices JD or me in the room with her then goes silent. Haha! It's actually super cute. She's loving the Exersaucer now that her feet can touch the bottom but she despises the Johnny Doorway Jumper. 

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Mia Kai // Five Months Old

This has been a huge month of 'firsts' for Mia Kai. 

Her four month check-up was at the beginning of the month. She weighed 12 lbs, 5 oz (10th percentile) and measured 21" long (5th percentile for height). In other words, she's still very dainty and 'petite'. Eczema has been an issue so we had to switch from my favorite Baby Aveeno products to CeraVe. The creases in between her feet and ankles were especially dry so we had to lotion them up with Cortizone. 

Highlights of this month: First flight // first trip to Hawaii // first time sitting up unsupported // first time eating food (rice cereal) // first diaper rash (from Butt Paste!! What?! We used Desitin and it was healed by the next morning) // first time to church (we were advised not to take her during her first few months, especially before and right after her surgery) // first time dipping her toes into the ocean // first trip to the zoo // first time sitting in a high chair. 

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Mia Kai // Four Months Old

I almost forgot to post!!! Mia Kai turned four months old August 5th so I'm obviously behind but here's what happened in her fourth month of life...

I've never quite understood when parents would say their babies are starting to show their personalities. They're babies!! How can their little personalities develop so quickly? I get it now though. In the past month, we've seen how strong-willed, determined, inquisitive, observant and happy our little Pineapple is. And it blows us away. 

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Mia Kai // Three Months Old

This month has been filled with the widest range of emotions we've ever experienced. Our sweet little girl had craniofacial reconstructive surgery last week to fix her Craniosynostosis. We'll write more blog posts about that entire process but we wanted to document it for her three month mark. Countless amounts of people have been praying for us. Three different people even put prayers in the Wailing Wall for Mia Kai. We can't even begin to express just how much it has meant to us and how encouraged we've been through it all. 

We've had a number of big firsts this month, including JD's first Father's Day (yay!). 

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Mia Kai // Two Months Old!

Mia Kai is now two months old! I couldn't decide between photos so I went with both. ;) One obviously shows her dainty side and the other her playful side. She's beginning to develop a little personality and we're having so much fun! This month has been filled with exciting new things filled with lots of giggles, smiles and observations.

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