Kauai, Hawaii // Detour : Queen's Bath

We set out pretty early to embark on our hike to the Hanakapi'ai Trail on a Saturday morning (which is on the other side of the island). It took about an hour to drive there (the speed limit on most of the island is around 25 mph). We were already a little behind schedule when we drove up to a road block about 20 minutes out from the trailhead.

The super polite police officer came to our window and said, "Sorry but we've got a marathon going on this morning. It'll be about another hour before we open the roads back up."

JD & Whit at the Waterfall Leading to Queen's Bath // via Jitney's Journeys

It's a small island. It's not like we could find another road to get to the trailhead. So we had to change our plans. JD searched on his phone for a tourist hot spot and drove us to Queen's Bath in Princeville. After you hike down the trail, people typically take a left at the waterfall... But we're rebels and went to the right. 

Prepare yourselves, friends, because this is what we saw: An absolute masterpiece of powerful waves, amazing contrast in every shade of blue you can think of, and a pattern of tide that will both mesmerize you and blow your mind. 

*Disclaimer: If you go to this side of the waterfall, please be careful. Any of those waves could've taken us out real quick. JD is a pretty good judge of the tides so we were able to dodge the incoming waves. But just be careful, okay? Promise?

Queen's Bath in Kauai, Hawaii // via Jitney's Journeys

This photo was taken on JD's iPhone using the panoramic setting. We realize that the photo is a little distorted but I didn't even want to touch this amazing photo with Photoshop. With fierce pride, I say, "My husband took this photo in all of its perfection, untouched by any editing program."

Queen's Bath, Kauai // via Jitney's Journeys #travel
Queen's Bath in Kauai, Hawaii // via Jitney's Journeys #travel
Queen's Bath in Kauai, Hawaii // via Jitney's Journeys
Queen's Bath in Kauai, Hawaii // via Jitney's Journeys

Oddly enough, none of these photos are actually of Queen's Bath. One thing about JD and me: We're not huge on snorkeling. It's cool but we'd rather take photos of giant powerful waves crashing against rocks than look at fish through goggles. And to be totally honest with you: My breathing patterns aren't exactly 'patterns' when I snorkel (I kind of freak out and have trouble breathing through that little tube). However, our friends snorkeled around in Queen's Bath later that afternoon and absolutely loved it. So it you're out there and enjoy snorkeling, go for it!! But don't miss the intense wave action happening on the other side of the waterfall.