Baby Pineapple // Mia Kai's First Halloween Costume!

We surprisingly debated on how to dress up Mia Kai for Halloween but ultimately decided that, well, she's our little pineapple. She just needs to be a pineapple. ;) 

With a little help from the Delia Creates tutorial, I made Mia Kai's mini pineapple hat using two shades of felt then painted hearts on her yellow onesie and hat. We were a tad nervous about putting her little hat on since she's not technically supposed to wear anything that constricts her head for long periods of time since her surgery. But she loved it and was actually pretty cool about wearing it! The onesie was actually a part of an outfit I bought from Babies 'R' Us on sale. It had two additional ruffles around the neck, one with a lemon pattern, so I removed those with my handy seam ripper and kept the sweet little top ruffle. We bought her sweet tutu from LillyBear Creations on Etsy, who I just adored working with!! 

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Mia Kai // Four Months Old

I almost forgot to post!!! Mia Kai turned four months old August 5th so I'm obviously behind but here's what happened in her fourth month of life...

I've never quite understood when parents would say their babies are starting to show their personalities. They're babies!! How can their little personalities develop so quickly? I get it now though. In the past month, we've seen how strong-willed, determined, inquisitive, observant and happy our little Pineapple is. And it blows us away. 

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Mia Kai // Two Months Old!

Mia Kai is now two months old! I couldn't decide between photos so I went with both. ;) One obviously shows her dainty side and the other her playful side. She's beginning to develop a little personality and we're having so much fun! This month has been filled with exciting new things filled with lots of giggles, smiles and observations.

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