Craniosynostosis // Mia Kai's Journey

Our sweet little girl, Mia Kai, was diagnosed with sagittal synostosis (a form of Craniosynostosis) at four weeks old. Basically her skull fused together prematurely over one of her soft spots, giving the brain little room to grow. Rather than her head rounding out, it became elongated in the back and a ridgeline formed down the center of the top of her head. She had cranial reconstructive surgery June 28th which consisted of a neurosurgeon and plastic surgeon separating her skull then placing wires and dissolvable screws in her skull in order to hold it into place. They stitched it up with dissolvable stitches underneath the scalp and placed steri strips over the incision. The major recovery time typically only lasts for one to two weeks. The nurse told us that she's one of the youngest patients to undergo this procedure at Vanderbilt (she turned exactly 12 weeks old on the day of the procedure). This is her story...

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Let's Get Real

You have a story. An important story.

It's a story you can share with others, encourage others and display God's glory when telling it.

Now is your opportunity to discover the purpose in your story. 

Join Shattered Magazine and the Daughters of the King women’s ministry of Lindsay Lane Baptist Church for a unique conference encouraging authenticity as we embolden one another to find the purpose in our stories on Saturday, September 20th!

The event has a dynamic lineup beginning with morning worship led by local singer/songwriter Rebecca Jordan and followed by a personal story from Shattered Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Rachael Jackson. There will be a guided art session ["Share Your Story"] with your own painted canvas to take home. Finally, women's speaker and author Jennifer Devlin will finish out the afternoon coupled with time for feedback.

Bonus: Jitney's Journeys will be one of the vendors for the event (you can shop around during lunchtime and after the completion of the event). We've been working long hours in the Jitney studio brainstorming and creating new artwork and products specifically for this event!! We can't wait to set everything up! 

The vendor shopping will allow you to meet local ministries and help them fulfill their purpose! Shattered will be selling subscriptions as well. 10% of your purchases at the event will go to support the Women's Resource Center in Athens Al. Other local vendors at the event include: Pottery By You | Sweet Home Coffee Company | She's All That Boutique | Tisa's Pieces Pottery Aggie's Arts


Find more information on the event FB page or register on the Eventbrite page