Saturday Surfing... wakesurfing, that is.

We finally have a "recent" video for yall! We hope to complete some more very soon. :) This past Saturday, we had the pleasure of spending the day with our friends Katelyn Bridges and Daniel Day, as well as Katelyn's awesome family. We spent a little time hanging out after we arrived but soon ventured onto the lake, seeking answers to the new trend wakesurfing.

I will use Mrs. Leslie's (Katelyn's mom) explanation from her facebook album of what, exactly, wakesurfing entails.

The theme of the weekend was getting up on the wake surf board.... then once you are walk it in closer to the boat in search of the "sweet spot" where you can let go and "surf".

As you will be able to tell from the video, this task is quite difficult as a beginner. Katelyn was the only one who got somewhat near the "sweet spot" and let go of the rope but JD beat us all in staying up for the longest amount of time.

We also did a little slalom skiing - which was awesome because it was the first time JD has ever been able to watch me ski. After my legs were shaking to no end while going back and forth across the wakes (for about 5 entire minutes... gosh, I need to get in better shape), JD attempted at skiing and actually did pretty well. We're just going to have to work on his balance a little.

We had such an amazing time with the soon-to-be-married couple. If you get a chance, check out Katelyn's blog. She's going to start doing "Wu's" (aka: wedding updates). She's hilarious. You don't want to miss out on that. To Mrs. Leslie & Mr. Tony - thanks for letting us join yall for dinner too! It was AMAZING. :)

Speaking of weddings, yesterday JD and I celebrated our 3-month anniversary! What what!? We'll be posting a video up soon about what we did to celebrate. Be on the lookout! In the meantime, here's our Saturday Showdown Vid.

Music: Ode to a Butterfly by Nickel Creek, All I Do Is Win by DJ Khaled (would we recommend this song for anyone to purchase...? No. The lyrics are pretty bad but we all talked about it Saturday and thought the chorus would fit the wakesurfing collaboration perfectly, please don't get upset.), & Down River by Temper Trap