Vu - August 4

It's Great to be Giddy!!

Gosh, what an amazing week this has been!! We were able to share in joy with so many family members, old friends and new friends this week. We have grown into a beautiful anticipation of what's to come within the next few weeks. As JD has said, it may be a job, but we're not sure. :) Even if it's not, we are incredibly satisfied in the season we're in. We may not be having tons of money flowing in but we are beyond blessed in the amount of time we have had to travel, to gain wisdom from older couples, and most importantly to grow closer together spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally.

Don't get us wrong. There have definitely been difficult days of discouragement which bring on tiny disputes between JD and me (once again, we are human). We aim to view these disputes as absolute growing opportunities. Throughout these opportunities, we know that the Lord is refining us in a pure way as He is daily molding us into His image. The excitement of this time we have been able to share far outweighs any burden that the discouragement could ever bear on us. We appreciate all of the people who consistently support us in our decisions to strive toward satisfying our passions in life. We refuse to settle for less than what Christ holds in His plans for us.

Vu August 4, 2010 from Whitney Todd on Vimeo.