Morning View and Watermelon Smashing

In honor of our special move-in today, we wanted to post a video from July where JD shows everyone what we see when we wake up in the mornings. Unfortunately, we won't be waking up next to the blinds anymore... but my desk will be right next to it!! We can't wait to show you all what our room looks like now. We might wait till we finish all of the changes but just a little hint: it has a feeling of shabby chic. My grandparents will be putting in a closet door soon and then we will be giving the room slightly a different wall color. I've been wanting sooo badly to decorate our home. I'm glad the time is finally here.

Also during this video, JD will show you our little friend that, in the past, would hang out beside our bathroom window. She is classified as a Black and Yellow Argiope, yes another little animal. Also known as an orb weaver, she creates beautiful webs (Orb web means it spins its web like a circle). She looks terribly scary because of how huge she is, but she's actually harmless to humans and in essence, protects our house from many pests. And yes, we did research on this spider via Internet from various sources -- this being the main one.