Whit's Hair Changes with the Seasons

It was time. It was time for a change. And what is a greater change for a woman than a new hair color and a fresh cut?? Ok... we're thinking on a small scale here, not a car or house or anything like that. In fact, we would most certainly not consider either of those too great of a change for us right now. :)

So in reference to the original question, nothing. Thus, that's why I was thrilled to make this transformation just as the leaves are starting to turn...

Both the footage and the video are basically incomparable to JD's seeing as inches and inches continued to fall from his head, but we still wanted to share my exhilarating hair change too! Plus we love this song "Shooting Star" by Air Traffic. :)

A huge thank you to Alli Roberts at Alli Roberts Hair Salon for doing such a wonderful job on my haircut. ALSO a huge thank you to her and everyone who decorated her salon because I feel completely inspired every time I walk out of there!!

...Little known fact, Shooting Star was my "indian name" that my parents gave me as a kid.