The Fall Wreath.

Last Wednesday, my Gingin needed to drive to Milledgeville to go to Belk. And who doesn't love/want a shopping partner!? I didn't have any money to spend of course, but she really wanted to get JD and me a fake autumn bouquet at Wal-Mart so that we could revamp the wreath hanging beside our door. I thought this would be a great project for us to do together. However, she took my Papa to the hospital Thursday and they are still there highly anticipating on figuring out what in the heck is going on with his body, but we're hoping they will be pleasantly surprised with the wreath and all of the un-read newspapers sitting in Papa's comfy leather chair when they arrive back home.

WAY more than a side note: Please continue praying for our Papa. Pray that the doctors will be able to find out what the problems are and that the procedures to take care of them will be painless and will have very very few side effects, if any! Also, as wives know, please be praying for our Gingin. She lost her grandmother in July and now she's having to see her husband in pain. She is the strongest woman I know and she's determined that the Lord will be faithful during this time. In this circumstance, once again, we belittle God if we don't believe that His healing grace will prevail; and she, thus far, has never experienced a time when that Truth did not ring true. :)

So here is the video of JD and me putting together our new Fall Wreath! We hope it inspires you to add some autumn-loveliness to your front porch too.

Fall Wreath from Whitney Todd on Vimeo.

Music in this video: This Side by Nickel Creek