11.20.10 Part 3 - TMNT

This is the final video in our 11.20.10 series. :) JD did such a wonderful job with putting these together. This one is certainly special because this video describes a lot of what we do in our marriage: play video games. I was an "avid" video game player when I was young... you know, with The Lion King, racing games and such.

JD surpasses that though. He is not only an AVID gamer, but he is so good at every single game he plays. I had never even beat a video game until we got married. Some of you may be thinking, "Oh. Well I've never beat a game before either." Well, when you're a Todd, you have to beat EVERY GAME you play... Ninja Turtles included. This was the first game I had ever beaten in my life. It was a joyous moment. Sadly, we didn't catch that moment on video; however, we did catch some other special times displaying our fierce video game sessions.

*Disclaimer: This may or may not interest our readers / viewers. So if you don't enjoy watching people play video games, you may or may not enjoy watching this video. :) Enjoy!