An Evening of Pure Charm and Sophistication

This past weekend, we did one of our most favorite things to do together: attend a wedding. We love seeing two people in love embarking on the greatest adventure in their lives; families and friends being brought together because of a Holy Union; and most of all, reminiscing on the memories of our own wedding day. The groom was one of JD's good friends {Brandon Cavell} from Beach Project. It was such a blessing to finally meet all of the people he talks about from Beach Project and put a face to all of the names. :)

This particular wedding was in Foley, AL, which is located about 6.5 hours south of Huntsville. We do love our road trips!

We also found out a new favorite thing we love to do as a married couple: spend the night at a Bed & Breakfast. This particular one, The Hotel Magnolia, was referred to us by our friend Amanda Younce at The Tasty Teaspoon. This place was absolutely exquisite, serene and charming. We don't have video footage but I hope these photos will suffice!

We stayed in the Swan Song room... also known as "Room Nine."

So this was the coolest part of the hotel: the old chandeliers! The one on the right was massive and hung right where the sun was shining through. Breathtaking.

By the way, we wrote "" on the beam while we were putting together the spread... we didn't want you to think it was really on there. :)

Isn't the dragonfly perched on the sign so precious? These are a few photos of the interior and exterior. The dining room was delightful and the breakfast was scrumptious! There are also two outdoor fireplaces they have burning during the Autumn nights.

Here are a couple of shots from the bedroom and bathroom. {sigh.} It was delightful! I loved the swans acting as the posts for the bed and especially the faucet on the jacuzzi.

This was JD's favorite part of the room... the TV!!

Haha - Kidding. The only reason it was really one of his favorite parts of the room is because we laughed so hard when we saw how small it was. When I was getting ready for the wedding, I walked in the bedroom and he was standing about 5 inches away from the TV watching Alabama football. It was so funny!!

Even the TV made for a charming stay though. The staff was fantastic, knowledgeable and so excited to tell us the history behind Foley and The Hotel Magnolia. If you make it down that way, be sure to make your rounds through this sweet little hotel with tons of history hidden within it.