September 26: Exposure to the Filipino Culture

JD and I ate breakfast together at CJ’s again. Those macadamia nut / coconut pancakes are basically the only local food that we’ve enjoyed on Oahu.

While traveling, JD and I have both picked up reading for enjoyment. I finished the book “I Don’t Know How She Does It” while on this trip. The book laid out a vivid perspective on the working mom vs. the stay-at-home mom. Though it was eye-opening, it tended to be quite depressing at parts. This is not a book I would recommend; however, I have not seen the movie. Have you seen it? What would you rate it?


MM, JD’s cousin, and I hung out today. Our plans were to hike Diamond Head but those plans faltered a bit because of car trouble. Luckily for us, we were in close walking distance to the mall. I bought some nicely designed travel journals and a sweet driftwood birdhouse, which we gave to my parents for Christmas. It was unbearably hard to part with, but I know they will love it just as much as I did.

MM’s uncle picked us up at the mall and fixed the truck. MM then took me to Max’s, my first Filipino restaurant. It was a little different than I expected. She ordered a squid on a platter and I ordered the only food I was familiar with (thanks to Mrs. Josie cooking it for us on the holidays)… pancit. Despite my lack of interest in the food, MM and I had a blast! She was great and the spontaneity of the evening was delightful and intriguing. I’m thankful for the chance of meeting family on Mrs. Josie’s side. [If you're wondering "where JD came from" (as some people put it), his mother is full Filipino and his dad is caucasian. I can hardly wait to see what our babies will look like one day.]


Today served as a late morning and a late night for JD at work. With our travel schedule, we’ve learned that “home” can even be a hotel room. This has become one of my favorite quotes and images I’ve seen on PinterestHome is where your husband is.