October 29: Megiddo... aka Armageddon

Welcome to Tel Megiddo National Park... also known as "Armageddon" - the glorious land where great battle of the End of Days will take place between the powers of good and evil (Revelation 16:16). 

"From Megiddo to Armageddon" & the Canaanite City Gate

During the biblical period, Megiddo was one of the most important cities in the country due to its control over an international trade route between Egypt and Mesopotamia. The springs and fertile soil at its foot made Megiddo a desirable place to rule; therefore, it became the arena of frequent battles for its control.

 View over the city walls

Overview of the city - can you believe how small these rooms are?!


"May Peace Prevail on Earth" in Arabic.
"May Peace Prevail on Earth" in Hebrew.

This awesome steel chariot was awaiting our photographic fun outside of the northern stables. The stables reveal Megiddo's importance as a calvary base or center for commerce in horses. The large number of stables state a strong city government at the time they were built and to Megiddo's status as a  major chariot city.

The public granary measures 7 meters deep and 11 meters in diameter. Kernels of wheat found between the stones along with the remains of straw identified the structure as a silo. It could store about 1,000 tons of wheat!

These stairs led to a deep, chilly dungeon - also known as "the water system". Megiddo's inhabitants dug a gigantic, 36-meter-deep shaft, from which a 70-meter-long horizontal tunnel extended to the spring, which emerged in a cave at the foot of the mound outside the walls. The tunnel was cut on an incline so the water would flow to the bottom of the shaft and the inhabitants could draw water while standing at the top. The outer entrance to the spring was sealed with a massive stone wall, concealed with earth so that an enemy besieging the city would not discover its location.

The water system leads to the outer linings of the ancient city, requiring tourists to walk a mile or two back to the entrance of Tel Megiddo. At least it was a nice photo op! 

Our final fascination of the day - the wheel. 
JD and I took turns expressing our photographic perspectives. :)