Viva Las Vegas : Celebrating New Seasons in Life

In late April of this year, we flew to Las Vegas to celebrate Chase and Jackie's new home, Jackie's birthday AND my parents' 30th Anniversary!! Whoop whoop! 

We're dedicating the next three weeks' blog posts to them. :)

Mom and dad LOVE watching Pawn Stars. Even though we did get to walk through the actual Gold & Silver Pawn Store, we didn't get to meet mom's favorite character, Chumlee.

She got over it pretty quickly when Chase and Jackie took us to play glow-in-the-dark KISS mini-golf. 


Because she got to "meet and greet" KISS superstars, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. 

The 18th hole! 

KISS Mini Golf is awesome. We won a couple of extra tickets from trivia questions along with a free game of mini golf for the winner of each game.

Apparently, you can get married here too, but we would not recommend that. ;)

**If you're a new reader, here's a brief overview of our fam...
Reid and Mama E (Yvette): Whit's parents
Chase: Whit's older brother, works as a Front-end Web Developer for
Jackie: Chase's wife

Mr. Jim and Mrs. Josie: JD's parents
Theresa: JD's younger sister
Brandon: Theresa's husband and JD's former college roommate
Brandon and Theresa are house parents for the Baptist Children's Village