2010 Flashback : Happy Halloween Mad Scientists' Style

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween is a pretty huge event at the Adams' home (Whit's side of the family). Mom and dad think of a theme for the following year beginning the night of the present Halloween (i.e. the house was decked out like a pirate ship in 2009. that same night, they decided the next year would be a science lab). It's amazing the things they come up with... and they execute everything to a tee!

Every year, a plethora of brave (and not-so-brave) little kiddos stop by the house. We missed last year and will be missing this year too... but in honor of the Adams Family tradition, we felt it was only fitting to show you the videos we made from 2010: The Year of the Adams Mad Scientists' Lab.


Get the full tour of my parents' "haunted" home here:

A few characters that stopped by, of course we offered them "brains and hearts" to eat. A few of our favorite characters were Woody & Buzz, the Sumo Girl and Optimus Prime among many others. We ran out of candy bags within the first hour of trick-or-treaters!

What would a Mad Scientists' Lab be without a bubbling, boiling pot of stew? The kids LOVED this experiment - all thanks to my genius dad. :)


This was the first year JD took part in the Pumpkin Carving tradition for my dad and me. We went techie-mode... 

We hate missing out on the tradition this year but we'll be thinking about all of our family as the trick-or-treaters come running out tonight. 

So, we're curious... do you have any special traditions on Halloween / the autumn season? Fall Festivals? Pumpkin patch picking? Trick-or-treating?