Hawaii : Waimea Valley Waterfall

The Waimea Valley Botantical Gardens are pretty extraordinary. The entrance was bland and somewhat dead, most likely due to the season, but the rest of the walk was magical. 

Like Willy Wonka Magical.

Don't forget to wear your bathing suit, as the secret of the Waimea Valley is the waterfall at the end of the gardens! Sadly, most people walked right past the abundance of beauty hidden on the trails of the gardens.

This flower reminded us of the tree tops from The Lorax.

You'll eventually walk past this sign...

And you've made it!! 

Unlike the other Hawaiian islands, Oahu only has a couple of


accessible waterfalls. The Waimea Valley Waterfall is worth checking out. 

You can rent a noodle or life jacket for $2 and swim in the frigid pool over to the falls. If you're lucky, one of the lifeguards will happily paddle out to you and take your photos on his stand-up paddle board. 

The entrance fee for the Waimea Valley is $15 for adults and $7.50 for children. Some days the gardens restrict access to the swimming hole and falls. Be sure to call ahead the day of your visit to inquire about swimming conditions.