Hawaii: Kualoa Ranch Jungle Tour with Complimentary Guava

So we're on the Jungle Expedition at Kualoa Ranch and I begin thinking about how Hawaii always has short rain showers. However, we have yet to see lightning or hear thunder. 

Since JD and I were the only two sitting in the back of the jeep, who better to ask than our tour guide?

Me: Is there ever thunder or lightning in Hawaii?
Guide: I've lived here my entire life and we've only had it in the past couple of years, not before then though. It's the end of the world, dude!!

Great view of Chinaman's Hat (middle of photo) and Kamehameha's Turtle (right side of photo)

Our guide swerved around those curves like a wild man. I almost flew out of the window-less window when he hits bumps.

But it's okay, because he picked wild guava for us...

...and it was so delicious!!

Our tour guide parked the jeep here to search for more guava but couldn't find any.
We were walking down the same hill from the movie Journey 2. To our left, we could see Gilligan's Island (seems the crew wasn't as stranded as they claimed) and the pier and house where Drew Barrymore's character lived in 50 First Dates.

The tour wasn't very jungle-ish. At all. But the wild guava and colorful stories from the tour guide made the tour very worth it. 

What is your favorite local fruit or veggie?