Hawaii : Kualoa Ranch... Movie Sites & Ranch Tour

Happy Election Day!!

Welcome to

Kualoa Ranch

, home of MANY movie and TV sets. 

The Kualoa mountain range stands tall behind the main ranch house. The ranch was a sugar cane plantation at one time... until they realized sugar cane did not grow well on the land. Now the Kualoa Ranch is home to lots of cattle and movie sets.

The steers under the tree were featured in the movie Run Down. 

We signed up for the Movie Sites & Ranch Tour as well as the Jungle Expedition Tour.

With a half-full bus and open windows, we began driving down the road where Adam Sandler tried to get Drew Barrymore to stop for him in the movie 50 First Dates. 

First site stop?

Yeah. This will most likely be our 2013 Christmas Card...

Do you remember this tree from Jurassic Park?

Jurassic Park was supposed to be filmed on Kauai but a hurricane hit, so they filmed it on Oahu instead. 

This is the most famous dead tree you will ever see.

Then we drove by Godzilla's footprints...

...and the garage from the movie Mighty Joe Young...

...and then we stopped inside of the Pearl Harbor bunker to see the Kualoa Goes to War / Kualoa Hits Hollywood museums.

The Kualoa mountains are the background from most of the scenes in the film Journey 2. Remember the

Waimea Waterfall

? That was in the movie too. (We watched Journey 2 for the first time on the plane ride home. It was pretty cool to notice places throughout the movie that the tour guide didn't even mention.) 

The view from the Pearl Harbor bunker. We {heart} Hawaii.

The original tikis from the Biggest Loser TV show.

When we say MANY movies were filmed here, we mean it. Here are just a few of the other ones we jotted down from the tour:

TV shows: 


Gilligan's Island

Hawaii Five-O

Birds of Paradise


Aztec Pyramid

You, Me & Dupree

Wind Talkers

Pearl Harbor


George of the Jungle

Do you remember any of the scenes from these movies?