Hawaii : A Stroll Down the Danger Zone.

Linking up with Molly & Carly for #YOLOMondays! We felt this was, certainly, the most fitting post for "You Only Live Once."

We packed our backpack for the not-so-strenuous 2-mile paved road hike to the lighthouse. About half-way up, we stopped at this ledge to take a photo or two. We thought it would be a boring hike until we saw "DANGER" signs and found a steep off-road path to the Pacific Ocean, tidal pools and blowholes down the mountain.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Please check out this view. THIS is what we saw when we looked down...

Of course, JD started venturing down and I scurried behind.

We walked slowly and steadily down the mountain. 

As far as I'm concerned, we were borderline-bouldering at some points of our hike.

JD walked ahead of me, smiles and all.

Until we got further down the mountain... obviously, he went into protective husband mode as the path turned a little more treacherous. 

"Whoa. Be careful, Whitney." 

He worries about me sometimes. I am terribly clumsy.

I thought, for sure, I was going to slip on a loose rock and tumble into the sea. 

But I didn't.

I like to think that I'm incredibly brave, but when it comes down to it... I'm not. 

Fortunately, this barrier in my life has been gently broken down by a sweet husband who reminds me that the Lord is our strength and our shield. Then again, Christ has given JD the blessing and tough task of protecting me as much as humanly possible.

Very few people followed us on the path and we only met one guy on the way down. He had gone down about halfway before he decided to turn around and head back up. It gets pretty steep towards the bottom so he made a wise decision to not walk down further by himself. He encouraged us to continue on since we had each other in case something happened to one of us.

And it was the most incredible thing we've seen. 


We had never seen a blowhole up to this point. To say that we were mesmerized, would be an understatement. JD had a lot of fun standing between the two blowholes and directing the water as if he were Poseidon. He was victorious in playing that role. 




Gazing out at the endless sea.

What more can a couple of newlyweds ask for?

We have found that the best moments are those you just happen to stumble upon; in the words of Robert Frost, they are most often experienced on the road less traveled.

I hate to think that I would've missed out on all of that beauty because of fear. I'm forever thankful for a husband who challenges me and believes in me. He knows my limits and he recognizes my potential.

Who do you feel challenges you and believes in your potential the most?