Hawaiii : Hawaii Five-O and Extras

While in line at the USS Arizona, a man asked us a random question: "Do you two watch Hawaii Five-O?" Surprisingly, no. We watch a lot of tv shows, but that's not one of them. "Oh, well, they're having this event at Waikiki Beach called Sunset on the Beach tonight. They will screen the premiere of Season 3 and the celebrities will come in on the Red Carpet. You should check it out."

So we did. 

It was super cool. The beach was packed. Tons of locals / "extras" in the show were sitting among the crowd. People even brought their pet birds. What?! 

Several opening acts went live, including pop sensation, kid-Hawaiian prodigy Aidan James with his ukulele. He played U2's "All I Want is You" at the opening...

Hawaii Five-O was interesting. The antagonist was the host of Iron Chef (a fave of ours) but he wasn't present at the premiere. Bummer. Groups of people would start cheering in the most random and inappropriate parts of the episode (i.e. murder scene), so we knew there was an "extra" in our presence. 

Are you an avid TV watcher... what's your favorite show?

Our top faves are: Parks & Rec, Duck Dynasty (I guess it's a southern thing), Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Parenthood, and The Office

However, we are heavily considering getting rid of cable in December. 

What are your thoughts on TV? 

A waste of time or a way to relate to the community around you?