At least that's what I'm hoping for...

Have you signed up for the Anthropologie card? I was super excited when we first moved up to Huntsville and saw that the nearest Anthropologie was only a few miles away.

Oh, who am I kidding..?
I'm STILL super excited that Anthro is that close to us! 

I turned 25 last Tuesday. Maybe you can believe that, but 25 is kind of a big age to wrap my head around. It's certainly not old, but it makes you feel like you're at least getting old

Kids call you ma'am. 
Your body gets a little love-handlier.
Ambition drives you more because 
you realize this is really the time to make of yourself who you want to become.
Big decisions are bigger than ever.
You're an adult and you should probably dress like it.
Health seems to become a trillion times more important.
Moments become sweeter by the day.
Then you realize that 25 is halfway to 50.

As JD says, this can be a half glass full or half glass empty mentality.

Obviously, it must be the half glass full mentality. There is so much more I can't wait to achieve and embark upon before I'm 50 years old. More traveling, more creating, more loving.

And I can't wait to start it all full-force in this year of my life with my sweet husband by my side.

What was turning 25 like for you? 
What has been your favorite age?