Cucumber Water

First off, a HUGE thank-you goes out to the women who hosted our Guest Blogger series for May.

Now that your worlds have been rocked by those amazing ladies, you probably need a nice refreshing drink to hydrate yourself. 

Thus, we will continue rocking your world with this delicious cucumber water recipe.
Our dentist in Georgia serves this to all of his clients. We immediately asked for the recipe when we took the first sip.

You will need:
mint, rosemary, cucumbers, water

Venture out to your herb garden (or farmer's market or local produce section) and clip a few sprigs of mint and rosemary.


Grab an old glass milk bottle (or serving glass of your choice) and gently arrange the herbs into the jar. 

Slice your cucumbers and toss them in the bottle too. 

Add cold water.

Allow to infuse for a few hours in the fridge.



Be refreshed.

This display is also gorgeous in a large beverage dispenser 

Photo from hosting Emily's bridesmaid luncheon

What is your favorite water infusion?