The Garden : Get Your Herb On

Bring on the cucumber water! We have enough rosemary and mint to last us till next summer.

This area of our new yard is overflowing with herbs - specifically mint, oregano and rosemary. It is absolutely unbelievable! Obviously, the herbs were all waiting for us when we moved into our new home. It's much more abundant than our tiny balcony herb garden from our apartment last year....

Mint engulfed much of the area so we cut a large amount out and placed a few sprigs in mason jars at the kitchen sink. 

The elephant ears were the first plants we transferred as we were moving in. My mom cleared out the raised garden bed (which held elephant ears and a few other plants) while dad, JD and one of our old neighbors moved all of our boxes into the rooms (and I directed). Instead of tossing out the elephant ears, we separated the roots and moved most of them into the right-hand corner of the herb garden (mom and dad took the rest home with them). Aren't they fun!? 

What is your favorite herb to cook with or to grow?