Hawaii : HE>i

It's merely impossible to drive around the island of Oahu without seeing several stickers on back windshields that say "HE>i". 

At first glance, it seems like "Heki" but with the K backwards; or for those dyslexic people, you may think it has something to do with "hike" (I may happen to know this from experience). 

JD did some research (he quickly realized it was exactly what it says: HE > i) and found out that the phrase was coined by a group of people on Oahu in 2003. They were trying to figure out something clever for their home screen on a Nokia phone and found that the ">" symbol made a bold statement. The phrase is based on the verse John 3:30, "HE must become greater and i must become less." 

A few days later, we ventured to the Honolulu store, grabbed a few shirts and headed to the dressing rooms. Along with the shirts above, we bought a lanyard for JD and sticker for Silver Flash (our car) in a small attempt to bring the movement to the mainland. You can shop online here (Christmas gifts? I think, yes!) or visit one of their Honolulu or Hale'iwa locations if you're on Oahu. 

It's a powerful and constantly convicting reminder that all of our actions should proclaim the glory of Christ - that HE must become greater and greater, that i must become less and less.

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