26th Birthday : High Expectations

Did you see the Birthday episode of New Girl?

Well, Jess and I can relate. If you haven't seen it, here's a recap of the most significant part...

[Jess opening gift and pulls out a sweater from Cece. Jess reads the tag on the sweater.]
Jess: "Made in CHINA?! You're taking me to CHINA!!!"


SUPER high expectations, at that.

I've really tried to chill out about birthdays. I'm not a kid anymore. I'm 26. Should I really expect people to throw me a surprise party every year?

No. But I do.

Which is why I persuaded JD to watch the New Girl episode with me, so that he would know I have high expectations even though I say every year, "No, it's cool. We can keep it super low key."

As long as you know "super low key" means balloons, kazoos, ice cream cake and celebrating with all of our friends. 

Curious to see how my big day played out?
Here's a play-by-play...

Delicious breakfast at Another Broken Egg...

{Quickly after this breakfast, JD started putting plans into action... as in, he realized that I wasn't honest with him about keeping it low key so he sent out an email inviting our friends out to celebrate with us later that night.}

Annual Bday Gift from JD: Moleskine Journal

Side note: Gifts are not a big deal to me on my birthday, except for this one. The journal sets the precedent for my year, the theme of my year, etc. I'll tell you more about this later. This is the first page I've illustrated on for the year. 

Halfway through the day, my friends next door rung the doorbell and hid so I couldn't see them. They popped out from beside the door frame and yelled, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" 

Thanks Alyssa, Ava, and Elizabeth, for being sneaky and for bringing me a butterfly balloon, card and delicious cupcakes!!

Alyssa: Make a wish and blow out the candle!
Me: What should I wish for?
Alyssa: How about a very happy Swan Day??
Me: Ok!
{not sure what a Swan Day is... but I wished for a very happy one.}

Mom told me that she sent a special gift, but stated that it wasn't sent through USPS nor did it have a tracking number. "Just look out of your peephole when someone rings the doorbell. And make sure you answer it right away." I was curious all day until around 5:00 when a man was holding this lovely Edible Arrangement outside the door.

It is amazing! We can't stop eating this delicious, pre-cut fruit. 

Please note that the card says "Happy 22nd Birthday". My parents are too hysterical. I love them. Also, "Shining Star" was my indian princess name growing up and also my aspiration career-wise when I was a kid. 

Mrs. Donna: What do you want to be when you grow up, Whit?
Me: I'm going to be a Shining Star, of course!

{Mrs. Donna reminded me of that childhood conversation during our wedding reception.}

Finally, JD took me to my favorite restaurant (Casa Blanca) for dinner. He was being super devious throughout the meal. We made plans to go to Cold Stone for dessert and I was super surprised when several of our friends were there waiting for us!!

Well done, my sneaky husband. Well done! 

Thank you Robinsons, Longs, Seth, Brad, John and Rebecca, and Hardins for celebrating with us!! We are so thankful for y'all!! 

26th Birthday Summary: My expectations were blown out of the water by amazing friends and family. 
That is the one word that could sum up my day. Love was flowing from all directions. I was surrounded by it, engulfed by it. What a beautiful year this will be!