Who is your Doppelganger?

She turned around and looked at us, pointed at JD, giggled.

She whispered inaudibly in her dad's ear as he held his three-year-old daughter in his arms.

JD nervously waved at the little girl and the parents started laughing.

"She keeps pointing at you and giggling because she thinks you look like her favorite cartoon character," her mom said.

JD and I looked at each other, uncertain. What in the world is she going to say...?

"Oh yeah," JD asks, "Who's that?"

"She thinks you look like Tarzan...."

Random people will come up to JD and tell him he looks like someone they know... from Roger Federer, to Mowgli from the Jungle Book, to "that famous guy that plays soccer", to "a rockstar", you name it. He has such a unique look to him that apparently only famous people have. :) Haha!

Who is your doppelganger / who do people say you resemble the most?