The Garden : Adding a Border to a Garden (plus Demolition and Awesome Friends)

Doesn't it look lovely with the rock border??

Well, it used to have this terrible black lining bordering it (but not set into the ground). It is way too easily seen and the black plastic is lining the entire front "curb appeal" of our house and the side garden. I understand that it's a weed barrier but we can make a weed barrier look a lot nicer. Right?

Yes. We most certainly can. 

All you need is a friendly neighbor that is breaking up their driveway cement, a few amazing friends that are willing to get their hands dirty and a truckbed (or the backseat of an SUV)... though a wheelbarrow will do the trick as well. 

The previous homeowners of our next door neighbors lined the garden in front of their house with large cement "rocks". It's a brilliant idea. Find some free cement and have at it. 

We almost took some broken up cement from a demoed Waffle House but JD thought it may be illegal so we decided not to be rebels in that scenario. It just so happens that our neighbors (the Eslingers) are renovating their driveway. JD saw the massive pile of broken up cement laying in their yard while on a jog one day. So we walked up there and asked if they wouldn't mind us taking some off their hands. 

The Eslingers

When they said yes, we immediately called our friends (Matt & Julie and Matt & Katy Jo) to ask them if they could come over early for the cookout we were having but "wear your work clothes... because we need your help carrying rocks and smashing cement." 

The result:

We are so thankful for friends who willingly give up hours of their lives to help us tear things up and make them beautiful in a new way. And, of course, we are deeply grateful for the Eslingers who let us use their old driveway in order for us to line our new house. The Eslingers are, all around, a fantastically generous and kind couple. They honestly could not believe that we were having so much fun with this project. 

We tried to take a ladies' pic at the end of the night but at least one of us looked ridiculous in each one. Fortunately, Google+ takes the photos from my Moto X and makes super sweet Auto Awesome videos with them. Haha!

Also, I feel terrible because I didn't get any video of JD rockin' the sledgehammer. He actually did most of the demolition work but I didn't get the camera out until everybody else was ready to give it a try. JD is, by far, the best sledge hammer-er ever. :) I just wish I had the video to prove it. 

He and I spent all evening last night making the side garden look pretty. I can't get over how excited I am about throwing that black liner away. Yay!!! Now, we just have to do the front and other sides of the house. 

PS: Thrift is spreading and the lilies and peonies are in bloom at the Todd Nest this month. What's growing in your garden?