Todd Happenings : Two-Week Recap

Things have been pretty crazy around the Todd Nest the past two weeks. The big snow storm hit last week and JD got to take three days off his day job work (but we still had to hit the Jitney studio pretty hard). 

Readers from more up north probably think we're crazy. But it's a rarity that we get snow, especially this much...

The majority of our neighborhood gathered together and walked up to the golf course for the best sledding hill close to us.  

The kids were ecstatic (until they were too cold to play) but I think the adults had the most fun. The men went into full combat mode during several snowball fights while the women settled for speeding down the slippery slopes. 

A few of us couples had downhill races...

JD left me in his snow dust during our downhill sled race. I asked for a head start, which I obviously needed.

Face full of snow dust.

And then the sun came out and we steadily went back to work.

Fast forward to Monday...

February 17th marked this handsome man's 29th birthday!! Whoop whoop!

Gosh, is he a stud or what?! 

While I'd love to spare you the sappy sentiments, I simply cannot.

Ode to JD:
You are the laughter that wakes me in the sleepy mornings
and still, the sweet laughter that sings me to sleep.
In fact, you always make me laugh,
except for the times we're being serious, 
in which you're instead the epitome of a deeply pensive thought.
Your intelligence baffles me. 
You love books and movies.
Moreover, you love correlating movies and books to scripture.
Even with the most ridiculous of movies, you can relate it to the Gospel.
How do you do that with such ease?
I'll quickly admit that I'm often wrong in our heaviest of arguments.
And when I'm right, you're quick to express your faults.
Even in our arguments,
you stay cool-headed and soft-tempered.
You ensure that our disagreements are solved at length and with boundless grace.
You also aim to resolve them quickly 
so that we can bask in the joys of loving each other more deeply.
You're the greatest travel companion ever
and I love exploring this world with you.
You are hands-down my most favorite dance partner,
whether in the kitchen or throughout life, in general.
Your leadership is strong and zealous.
I love walking through God's Word with you on an eveningly basis 
and throughout our conversations. 
I love your heart for people.
I love your heart for our friends.
I love your heart for our family.
I love your heart for your wife.
I love your heart for Christ.

I love you.
And I can't wait to throw you a surprise 30th birthday party.

--> Also, our house has been taken over by ladybugs. Any suggestions for repellants?

26th Birthday : High Expectations

Did you see the Birthday episode of New Girl?

Well, Jess and I can relate. If you haven't seen it, here's a recap of the most significant part...

[Jess opening gift and pulls out a sweater from Cece. Jess reads the tag on the sweater.]
Jess: "Made in CHINA?! You're taking me to CHINA!!!"


SUPER high expectations, at that.

I've really tried to chill out about birthdays. I'm not a kid anymore. I'm 26. Should I really expect people to throw me a surprise party every year?

No. But I do.

Which is why I persuaded JD to watch the New Girl episode with me, so that he would know I have high expectations even though I say every year, "No, it's cool. We can keep it super low key."

As long as you know "super low key" means balloons, kazoos, ice cream cake and celebrating with all of our friends. 

Curious to see how my big day played out?
Here's a play-by-play...

Delicious breakfast at Another Broken Egg...

{Quickly after this breakfast, JD started putting plans into action... as in, he realized that I wasn't honest with him about keeping it low key so he sent out an email inviting our friends out to celebrate with us later that night.}

Annual Bday Gift from JD: Moleskine Journal

Side note: Gifts are not a big deal to me on my birthday, except for this one. The journal sets the precedent for my year, the theme of my year, etc. I'll tell you more about this later. This is the first page I've illustrated on for the year. 

Halfway through the day, my friends next door rung the doorbell and hid so I couldn't see them. They popped out from beside the door frame and yelled, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" 

Thanks Alyssa, Ava, and Elizabeth, for being sneaky and for bringing me a butterfly balloon, card and delicious cupcakes!!

Alyssa: Make a wish and blow out the candle!
Me: What should I wish for?
Alyssa: How about a very happy Swan Day??
Me: Ok!
{not sure what a Swan Day is... but I wished for a very happy one.}

Mom told me that she sent a special gift, but stated that it wasn't sent through USPS nor did it have a tracking number. "Just look out of your peephole when someone rings the doorbell. And make sure you answer it right away." I was curious all day until around 5:00 when a man was holding this lovely Edible Arrangement outside the door.

It is amazing! We can't stop eating this delicious, pre-cut fruit. 

Please note that the card says "Happy 22nd Birthday". My parents are too hysterical. I love them. Also, "Shining Star" was my indian princess name growing up and also my aspiration career-wise when I was a kid. 

Mrs. Donna: What do you want to be when you grow up, Whit?
Me: I'm going to be a Shining Star, of course!

{Mrs. Donna reminded me of that childhood conversation during our wedding reception.}

Finally, JD took me to my favorite restaurant (Casa Blanca) for dinner. He was being super devious throughout the meal. We made plans to go to Cold Stone for dessert and I was super surprised when several of our friends were there waiting for us!!

Well done, my sneaky husband. Well done! 

Thank you Robinsons, Longs, Seth, Brad, John and Rebecca, and Hardins for celebrating with us!! We are so thankful for y'all!! 

26th Birthday Summary: My expectations were blown out of the water by amazing friends and family. 
That is the one word that could sum up my day. Love was flowing from all directions. I was surrounded by it, engulfed by it. What a beautiful year this will be!

Jitney's Journeys Products : Halloween 90th Birthday Surprise Party

My sweet friend, Kandess, asked if we could make some special accents for her grandfather's 90th surprise party. 

Theme : Spook-tacular Halloween 
Location : Gorgeous Barn

As with all of our products, all of the goodies here were custom made and passed by Kandess first to certify perfect satisfaction. 

Not gonna lie... I had a pretty difficult time figuring out which direction I'd like to go when designing these products. The original thought process was chalkboard-inspired but then I thought that maybe I should go a little more grunge or even maybe a little more cute-sie. After hours of that not working out, I decided to try proceed with the chalkboard-look. 

That's when I designed this lovely banner...
and kept pressing forward.

Inspiration, achieved. :)

{happy birthday banner}

{up-close of the birthday banner}

{table goodies}

{menu cards - Kandess did an amazing job coming up with fun names for all of the food and drinks!}

{table numbers via /}

{assorted signs to display}

{up-close of rosettes}

{black and orange striped straws via The Charm House}

Kandess and her husband dressed up as a gangster and flapper girl. 
"Ridiculously cute" cannot express how amazing they looked!!

{Daniel & Kandess}

{table set-up - isn't that cake fantastic!?}

Etsy Product Release : Moustache Burlap Tote

And we've got ANOTHER Etsy Product Release!! 

Find the Moustache Burlap Tote Bag here.

It's oh-so-simple and oh-too-cute. 

To be honest with you, I'm quite unsure of the best way to spell moustache. Regardless of your personal preference in spelling it "moustache" or "mustache", this burlap tote bag is the perfect size to hold all of your valuables or party essentials. You can stock it up with fantastic goodies and give it away as a gift. In fact, we think this would be a fabulous tote to fill with wonderful trinkets for a bridesmaid's gift.

The only thing you can't do with this simple tote is tape it above your lips. 

This was the first time I have posed for any of our shop media. In fact, it was a self-photo on a timer. I hope it doesn't look ridiculous... You would tell me if it did, right?

The vintage scarf is from an amazing collection of scarves my grandmother (whom we refer to as GinGin) so lovingly gave me. Not a day has gone by that I haven't had one in my hair (it's been a couple of weeks). 

Back to the tote...
Here are the specifics:

One black moustache is stenciled in the middle of the front of the bag. If you would like a different colored moustache, we would love for you to message us with your preference and we will customize your order without a problem. The backside of the burlap bag is plain unless you would like us to monogram a name or initial across the back for $3 per tote.



At least that's what I'm hoping for...

Have you signed up for the Anthropologie card? I was super excited when we first moved up to Huntsville and saw that the nearest Anthropologie was only a few miles away.

Oh, who am I kidding..?
I'm STILL super excited that Anthro is that close to us! 

I turned 25 last Tuesday. Maybe you can believe that, but 25 is kind of a big age to wrap my head around. It's certainly not old, but it makes you feel like you're at least getting old

Kids call you ma'am. 
Your body gets a little love-handlier.
Ambition drives you more because 
you realize this is really the time to make of yourself who you want to become.
Big decisions are bigger than ever.
You're an adult and you should probably dress like it.
Health seems to become a trillion times more important.
Moments become sweeter by the day.
Then you realize that 25 is halfway to 50.

As JD says, this can be a half glass full or half glass empty mentality.

Obviously, it must be the half glass full mentality. There is so much more I can't wait to achieve and embark upon before I'm 50 years old. More traveling, more creating, more loving.

And I can't wait to start it all full-force in this year of my life with my sweet husband by my side.

What was turning 25 like for you? 
What has been your favorite age?

AND We're Back...

Back from what, you ask?


I wish I could say we have been so busy exploring the world that we haven't had much time to write, but it's certainly not the case. On the contrary, we spent an amazing few weeks visiting with family scattered throughout the South. The roadtrips were awesome - filled with deep theological conversations and always ending with the sweet sound of laughter. The time we spent with family was precious and will forever be engrained in our hearts.

We then returned home mid-January with a heap of things to catch up on. This, of course, includes redecorating and repurposing some really cool antiques we were given and some other ones we stumbled upon during our family vacations. I'll be blogging about those special things in the very near future.

My mind has been RACING with an overflow of ideas for Jitney's Journeys - both our blog and our Etsy shop. Do you ever feel like your mind is pouring out ideas so rapidly that you can't get it down on paper fast enough?? That's been me for about five weeks now. It's a pretty bittersweet feeling. While I'm super excited about all of the ideas, I realize that I just don't have enough hands to produce them all in the quick timely manner I'd like - and even less resources to hire people to help. Fortunately, I'll have some wonderful creative hands-on-deck for about a month soon so that will be a HUGE help! In the meantime, we're in the midst of creating a solid business plan (thanks to JD's business classes and my public relations training in college) that will hopefully carry us through in the long haul. It's tough to have a long-term mindset when you have so much excitement stirring to get things done in the moment, but that's how the tortoise won. And we must have the mindset of the tortoise if we want to be successful.

Starting February 11, we will have all of our burlap products up and ready for production in the Etsy shop. Until then, we have these super cute pillows up for sale...

This one was created specifically with Valentine's Day in mind but you can set this lovely thing out any day of the year!!

Oh yeah... And I turn 25 tomorrow.

Thus, the biggest reason for me to start back in a steady routine of blogging, but more on that later. 

Have a happy Monday!! 

Viva Las Vegas : Happily Ever After

Have you ever been to Fashion Show Mall in Vegas? 

It's pretty epic. 

A fashion show stage and catwalk literally rise from the ground floor and models strut their stuff. As soon as the show is over, the models step back into their window-shop positions as the stage and catwalk lower back down into the basement of the mall like an elevator. 

Sheer genius.

We celebrated Jackie's birthday at Maggiano's, family style Italian. 


The guys fought against Optimus Prime. 

And we took a lovely family photo in front of a fountain.

Here's a few last Vegas shots for your viewing pleasure...

Thanks Chase and Jackie for letting us stay with you guys. We're super proud of the things y'all are doing in Vegas. God is doing amazing work in and through the two of you. Can't wait to see what else He will do! 

Mom and Dad  - Few kids can say that their parents have been married for 30 years... much less happily married for 30 years. Chase and I have been infinitely blessed by you two. Your kisses in the kitchen and hands intertwined when you walk have not gone unnoticed. In fact, it is the imagery of your entire marriage. Thanks for loving each other wholeheartedly. You have not only stuck with each other through the worst of sickness - but you have fought for each other within in. Thanks for rubbing mom's feet when her neuropathy kicks in full-blast and for driving dad at nighttime because glaucoma has glazed his eyes. Your support of one another is impenetrable. Thanks for remaining faithful in prayer and in the Lord when doctors said mom would only have one more year to live in her darkest time of sickness, and when doctors said dad wouldn't be able to see his daughter's birth because he would be blind by that point. 

Most people must live by faith and not by sight.

But I have seen. 

I have seen that God heals and that He does a mighty work in marriages, in families and in our bodies. Thank you for leaning on Christ and each other in times of trials rather than straying apart from one another. Thank you for setting such a pure example of marriage for Chase and Jackie, and JD and myself. 

We love you.

Here's to 50 more years of being newlyweds. ;)

To live by these promises for all eternity...

For JD's birthday this year (Feb 17th), I decided to finally paint him something special. It was unbearably difficult for me to keep it a secret. I ended up surprising him with the paintings the night before his birthday because I was about to burst!!

As we wrote our own vows for our wedding, I thought it would be cool to paint them in celebration of all that has come and will come! The tree is meant to be a replica of the tree growing elegantly beside the aisle in the garden where our wedding ceremony took place (at the Carl House). And the birds on my vows are a replica of the sign we have hanging on our armoire (Love Birds Nesting).

Work in Progress:

The finished product:

I, James Darwin Todd, take you, Whitney Taylor Adams, to be my wife. I am exponentially excited that I will be enjoying the rest of my life with the most beautiful woman that I know on both the inside and out. I cannot wait to show you love and adoration every second of every day. I promise to encourage you and support you in all of your goals and to strengthen you in your walk with Christ daily as we glorify Him in all that we do. I promise by God's Grace, as He enables me, to love you as Christ loved the church; to daily make sacrifices for you and to speak the Truth to you in Love; and to show you Love and Grace as He has shown me Love and Grace. I will trust Him with all of my heart and lean not on my own understanding. I will acknowledge Him in all things, for I know He will direct our paths. I will be peaceful, content and joyful in every situation, knowing that He is guiding our paths and that He will strengthen us at all times. Gosh, I love you, Whitney... I am so thankful for this moment, moments passed and moments that will be. Knowing that I will be spending every precious moment with you forever makes me the most joyful and jubilant man. It is an honor and a joy to live be these promises for all eternity.
You can imagine my heart was about to beat out of my chest when he said those words - yes, from memory. I am daily baffled and blown away by the man God has set in my life to be my sweet husband. A man of God's Word and desire to follow His will. What more could a woman ask for?
I, Whitney Taylor Adams, take you, James Darwin Todd, my man, as my husband. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with my soulmate who I truly find is the most attractive man I know on both the inside and out. I promise to shower you with Love and Respect every step of this journey we are about to embark on together. I will try to speak beyond my sassy-ness and instead speak to you only in Truth and in Love. I promise to encourage you and support you in all of your goals and to strengthen you as you walk with Christ daily, and to honor Him together. With our Savior's Strength, I'm putting my full trust in you, knowing that you will guide me and our family in the way of the Lord and the directions that He gives us. I promise to honor you be being Faithful, Trustworthy, Serving and Submissive, while especially honoring you in my speech. It's my utmost goal that people see just how beautiful and incredible you are and how incredible our marriage is just by the words that come out of my mouth. I love you. I cherish you. And after that past ten years of praying and knowing that God would provide me with an amazing husband, I can't imagine standing up here with any other man but you... and I am so thankful it's you. It's an absolute honor to promise you all of these things and to live by them for all eternity.