The Garden : Adding a Border to a Garden (plus Demolition and Awesome Friends)

Doesn't it look lovely with the rock border??

Well, it used to have this terrible black lining bordering it (but not set into the ground). It is way too easily seen and the black plastic is lining the entire front "curb appeal" of our house and the side garden. I understand that it's a weed barrier but we can make a weed barrier look a lot nicer. Right?

Yes. We most certainly can. 

All you need is a friendly neighbor that is breaking up their driveway cement, a few amazing friends that are willing to get their hands dirty and a truckbed (or the backseat of an SUV)... though a wheelbarrow will do the trick as well. 

The previous homeowners of our next door neighbors lined the garden in front of their house with large cement "rocks". It's a brilliant idea. Find some free cement and have at it. 

We almost took some broken up cement from a demoed Waffle House but JD thought it may be illegal so we decided not to be rebels in that scenario. It just so happens that our neighbors (the Eslingers) are renovating their driveway. JD saw the massive pile of broken up cement laying in their yard while on a jog one day. So we walked up there and asked if they wouldn't mind us taking some off their hands. 

The Eslingers

When they said yes, we immediately called our friends (Matt & Julie and Matt & Katy Jo) to ask them if they could come over early for the cookout we were having but "wear your work clothes... because we need your help carrying rocks and smashing cement." 

The result:

We are so thankful for friends who willingly give up hours of their lives to help us tear things up and make them beautiful in a new way. And, of course, we are deeply grateful for the Eslingers who let us use their old driveway in order for us to line our new house. The Eslingers are, all around, a fantastically generous and kind couple. They honestly could not believe that we were having so much fun with this project. 

We tried to take a ladies' pic at the end of the night but at least one of us looked ridiculous in each one. Fortunately, Google+ takes the photos from my Moto X and makes super sweet Auto Awesome videos with them. Haha!

Also, I feel terrible because I didn't get any video of JD rockin' the sledgehammer. He actually did most of the demolition work but I didn't get the camera out until everybody else was ready to give it a try. JD is, by far, the best sledge hammer-er ever. :) I just wish I had the video to prove it. 

He and I spent all evening last night making the side garden look pretty. I can't get over how excited I am about throwing that black liner away. Yay!!! Now, we just have to do the front and other sides of the house. 

PS: Thrift is spreading and the lilies and peonies are in bloom at the Todd Nest this month. What's growing in your garden?

Reversible Moustache Placemats

Now introducing our newest creation... the reversible chevron moustache placemat. Are you in love? Don't rush to our Etsy shop yet. We haven't put them up for sale. Our fabric providers are out of this lovely chevron fabric so I'm waiting anxiously for them to put it back in stock. Be lookin' out for them soon!!

The only finished set has gone to this lovely couple... Matt and Julie. 

Matt is one of JD's closest friends. It's because of him and JD's other best friend, Chris, that we take pride in the name Jitney. Matt and Julie are getting married next weekend and we couldn't be more excited for them!! The first time we met Julie, people asked if her and I were sisters. She's super cool. Matt and Julie inspired our matching bowling shirts (yes, we wear them every time we go bowling now) and these moustache placemats (Matt can grow a mean 'stache). We gave them the set of placemats last weekend at their wedding shower. We're pretty sure they loved them. ;)

What do you think about the placemats?
What other kind of images would you like to see on the placemats... bird, heart, cross?

Chick-Fil-A Connect Race Series : Our first 5K together....

It all started with these ladies...

Kellie, Leah, Kandess and Rebekah. They have become such dear friends of mine here in Huntsville. (This was a photo from a crochet class - yep! finally took a class!) The girls wanted to start training for 5Ks, the first one being the Cotton Row in downtown. They raced and conquered, while JD and I were in Chattanooga celebrating our 2 year anniversary. 

Once I started training with the girls, JD decided he wanted to start running with me so he could be prepared for the 5Ks too. JD and I have been wanting to jog a little on the local mountain here. What better time to start than now? JD jogs the entire trail (3.5 miles) but I try my best to jog fully to the first mile marker. :) His training and endurance encourages me to push harder.

While training one day, we ran past this massive nest. Tracker jackers, anyone?

On that day, we got lost and stumbled upon this breathtaking view!! Fortunately, we found our car a few minutes later. 

Then the BIG DAY!! Our first 5K we would run together... the Chick-fil-A Connect Race Series this past Saturday in Decatur.

Note the hardcore guy who is running with a hiking backpack...

Runner #4209: JD
Runner #4210: Whitney 
These dri-fit shirts are awesome.

Leah and I got to snag a photo with the girl Chick-fil-A cow! Oh yeah! 

The gun was fired and we took off. We hit the first mile marker and JD looks over at me, "Ok. One mile. Let's pick up the pace." I shake my head, "Nope. Nope. I'm just going to keep on at this pace. My only goal for this race is simply to jog the entire thing without walking." And I did! Fortunately, a little girl named Gloria with a "Runnin 4 Chikin Nuggitz" T-shirt ran beside me when I started giving out towards the end. 

"And here comes JD Todd crossing the finish line," said the announcer. "Man. He's got a NICE head of hair!!" Haha - he gets that compliment a lot but that must've been one of the best ones! His time was 32:57. Incredible. :)

Gloria and I round the corner towards the finish line. "Surely Whit will finish before that little girl," said JD to his buddy Davy.

Around that time, Gloria looked like she was about to give in. "It's sooo hot!!!" she said. But I encouraged her saying, "Alright sister, it's time. We have to finish strong here! Ready? Go!" 

Gosh. Bad idea. She took off!!! Left me in the dust. She must've beaten me by several seconds! Haha!

But I finished. Right behind a man in the 80+ category. Well done, ole' man. Well. Done. 

I finished with a time of 36:09. It's not that great, but at least I completed my goal successfully by not stopping (well, with the exception of the one stop at the water cooler). Plus I got to witness the site of my sweet husband cheering me on at the finish line. I can't ask for a better experience than that!

Post-race card load up with free Chick-fil-A biscuits... 

Leah finished with a time of 32:34! She also ran it without stopping! She did a fantastic job. :)


And here's JD and Davy waiting for the results... Davy finished with a time of 19:56, taking a medal away with pride. He smoked us all.

JD and I may just run a few more 5Ks but we will definitely continue training on the mountain. It's glorious up there! Training has been a fun thing to do in our marriage and it allows us a new way to challenge each other. On the mountain, trees lift their arms in praise to the Father and creation declares His name. Plus, it kind of feels like we're in the Hunger Games up there. That will make a person sprint...

We're Proud to Be Newlyweds... Our Wedding Day 2010

Coming up on our two-year anniversary in May, we decided that it was about time to take a break from our travels and write a post about our wedding day. This post will take place on "The Wedding" tab for easy access if you would like to come back and reminisce or get ideas for your future events. Most of these photos were taken by Kike Morales, and a few were taken by our wonderful friends and family present at the wedding. If you have any questions or need references for your own event or wedding, email us at We will be more than happy to share all of our info with you! Have fun browsing!! 

Video by JD and Whitney Todd
Songs in the video:
You're Beautiful - Phil Wickham
You're All I Have - Snow Patrol

*Photo Credit on all wedding and trash the dress photos goes to Kike Morales Photography.

An Evening of Pure Charm and Sophistication

This past weekend, we did one of our most favorite things to do together: attend a wedding. We love seeing two people in love embarking on the greatest adventure in their lives; families and friends being brought together because of a Holy Union; and most of all, reminiscing on the memories of our own wedding day. The groom was one of JD's good friends {Brandon Cavell} from Beach Project. It was such a blessing to finally meet all of the people he talks about from Beach Project and put a face to all of the names. :)

This particular wedding was in Foley, AL, which is located about 6.5 hours south of Huntsville. We do love our road trips!

We also found out a new favorite thing we love to do as a married couple: spend the night at a Bed & Breakfast. This particular one, The Hotel Magnolia, was referred to us by our friend Amanda Younce at The Tasty Teaspoon. This place was absolutely exquisite, serene and charming. We don't have video footage but I hope these photos will suffice!

We stayed in the Swan Song room... also known as "Room Nine."

So this was the coolest part of the hotel: the old chandeliers! The one on the right was massive and hung right where the sun was shining through. Breathtaking.

By the way, we wrote "" on the beam while we were putting together the spread... we didn't want you to think it was really on there. :)

Isn't the dragonfly perched on the sign so precious? These are a few photos of the interior and exterior. The dining room was delightful and the breakfast was scrumptious! There are also two outdoor fireplaces they have burning during the Autumn nights.

Here are a couple of shots from the bedroom and bathroom. {sigh.} It was delightful! I loved the swans acting as the posts for the bed and especially the faucet on the jacuzzi.

This was JD's favorite part of the room... the TV!!

Haha - Kidding. The only reason it was really one of his favorite parts of the room is because we laughed so hard when we saw how small it was. When I was getting ready for the wedding, I walked in the bedroom and he was standing about 5 inches away from the TV watching Alabama football. It was so funny!!

Even the TV made for a charming stay though. The staff was fantastic, knowledgeable and so excited to tell us the history behind Foley and The Hotel Magnolia. If you make it down that way, be sure to make your rounds through this sweet little hotel with tons of history hidden within it.

The Todd Nest : Apartment Livin'

Wherever we are, we love making a place our own. This means lots of character, lots of distressed items but most of all, lots of objects with stories behind them. Enjoy the tour of our Nest!

--> Please note this is from our apartment. We have not updated the blog for our house...

If you walked up to our door, this would be the first thing you would see. :) I was inspired to make this wreath after seeing a similar one on Pinterest. You should check out the tutorial here. This would make a wonderful "welcome to your new home" gift for newlyweds or a neighbor!

Our Bedroom:

The bedroom. We just got this comforter from Macy's on sale! It is absolutely stunning and makes it nearly impossible to get up in the mornings because it is just so comfortable! One of my favorite parts of our bedroom is the banner going across the headboard. My mom and I made this together. I'm thinking about selling a few on Etsy... would you buy one?

We bought this cool lamp and the little grass jar from Pier 1. It adds a contemporary flair to our vintage nest. I made the "I Would Be Lost Without You" piece as a surprise to JD. It was super simple: a wooden canvas, paint, sandpaper and vinyl. The "TODD" letters were a gift to us from my brother and his wife - also one of those unique wedding gifts that you proudly set out for everyone to see. The seashell has an image of the Philippines sketched into it.

Our Bathroom:

The jewelry board: I have always hung my jewelry on large nails I nail into the wall. I figured we may need to find an alternative to that... so we went to Target, found a bulletin board and I painted / distressed the edges. The jewelry hangs on beautiful pushpins my mom gave me and I filled the rest of the board with my wedding hanky, art, vintage items and commemorative objects for JD and me.

My Office: 

{another sigh} The stationery held in a vintage suitcase my grandmother gave us. I remember the first time I saw this suitcase... I fell in love with it. When we moved from the bungalow, she gave it to me so I could bring it to Huntsville. Along with many other memories, this suitcase will always remind us of our grandparents and the times we shared with them at the lake.

Our Kitchen:

I absolutely LOVE old bottles and glass of any kind!! When we were packing up from college, I realized JD is a collector as well (his is more of the labeled kind from different countries). It's been fun combining our collections. Fortunately our apartment kitchen has an open area between the top of the shelves and the ceiling, thus making it the perfect little place for all of my collection. This plethora of bottles, glasses and vases come from various antique stores, friends and family.

These canisters are from Bed, Bath & Beyond. They were originally plain and white but mom and I spiced them up with customized vinyl lettering.

Due to lack of storage space, we place all of our kitchen accessories - tools, mitts, towels and recipe box - in a basket so we can easily move everything if we need access to the plug.

{sigh} Ahh. The coffee basket. Our friend Shannon gave us this basket as a wedding gift and I couldn't think of anything more fantastic to place in it than our morning / dessert coffee supplies. As JD and I had our first conversation in a coffee shop, we all know that the Todd Home would not be complete without an overflow of delicious coffee in an elegant display.


Oh, what's this? More glasses, eh? Yes, more glasses. Seriously though - don't you just love them!!?? The colors, the tints, the shapes. So perfect. This fantastic vintage pie safe was a gift given to us from my mom and dad. Mom made sure it was refinished before they gave it to us though. It was a little rugged prior to the refinishing but now it's amazing! The lamp on top is an old Mason jar filled with marbles. 

Coffee-Mate Baking Bistro Party

Many of you knew that I hosted a "Coffee-Mate Party" on Friday but you were probably really confused as to what that meant. Well, Coffee-Mate is awesome at marketing and asked their customers to spread the good word about their products. What did those special customers receive? Since I wanted to host a Baking Bistro party, they sent me all of these wonderful little gifts:

[free samples of Taster's Choice Instant Coffee, free samples of Original Coffee-Mate creamer, a muffin pan, cups, napkins, coupons for FREE Coffee-Mate, recipe cards (my favorite was the Biscotti), a cookbook and my absolute favorite... a STELLAR red Coffee-Mate apron.]

In the official terms of Coffee-Mate, Free Flavor Friday is:

On Friday, February 4th, 2011, COFFEE-MATE® is saluting its entire roster of flavors, and the people who love them with FREE FLAVOR FRIDAY! A special celebration filled with free product giveaways on and on Facebook, FREE FLAVOR FRIDAY is an opportunity to savor your favorite flavor or try a new one for FREE!

I chose to host the party for the wonderful volunteers, board, and staff at the First Call Pregnancy Center in Greensboro. The women (and man) involved in this organization are solid individuals who have a strong compassion on other women in need. They pour so much love on the women who come through the doors, I just don't know how they have any love left... well, it does make sense that they would because that love comes from Christ... but hopefully you get what I'm saying.

Margaret, a director at the Center, helped me set everything up Friday morning. She had some awesome ideas to carry out the theme of "Life Is Sweet" beyond playing Baby Bingo and the Ultrasound game... we used a clean baby changing table to set the fruit and utensils on and then set the Coffee-Mate station on a high chair. :) Thanks Margaret! She also made a delicious mushroom, ham and cheese casserole. A few of the volunteers brought in cinnamon rolls, hot tea, muffins, fruit and an apple and cheese dish. Thank you everyone!!

Also a huge thanks to Coffee-Mate and to all of my precious friends at the Pregnancy Center for attending the party! Here's a video from the day:

Music by Copeland (Coffee)

New Friends, Splash Mountain, Eatonton & Debit Cards

In honor of receiving our new debit cards from our local Eatonton bank that have pictures of Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox and Brer Bear adorning them... we wanted to share with you a pretty cool history lesson. You might remember Splash Mountain at Disney World, the movie "Song of the South", the song "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah" or maybe even The Uncle Remus stories your mom read to you in bed at a young age. Surprisingly enough, all of these derived in some form or another from an author that lived in Eatonton, Ga.

On July 20, 1879 an undersized thirty-year-old journalist from Atlanta known as Joe Harris began a journey from relative obscurity to interregional fame. On that day, the Atlanta Constitution published the young copy editor's "Story of Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Fox as told by Uncle Remus." Within months, magazines across the country were reprinting his tales, and after more than 1,000 written requests for a collection, the first Uncle Remus book was published in November, 1880.
[Taken from the Uncle Remus website.]
JD and I have yet to visit the Uncle Remus museum but we hope to very soon! When we do, you better believe we'll be posting a video about it. :) We're also hoping to visit Dubble Bubble acres in Madison soon too.

In the meantime, here's our video footage from the Taste of Eatonton, an introduction to our little town and to our new friends John and Robyn.

Also, Brandon and Theresa's wedding was AMAZING this weekend in Tupelo, Mississippi. It is so beautiful when two believers come together as one in the name of Christ. Gosh, we love marriage and all that it entails.

Music Choice: She Knows Her Way Around by Act of Congress
*We used this song because this was John & Robyn's first dance song at their wedding. :)

Google Chrome and Arcade Fire Team Up... What!? Yes. So Excited. :)

Good Morning Everyone!!

We just wanted to share this super awesome link with y'all that our friend Shannon Donelson shared via Facebook. Click here for the Wilderness Downtown and make sure that you put your childhood address because you might start crying. :)

Check out Arcade Fire's new interactive HTML5 music experience, “The Wilderness Downtown”.

The Onion Chopper & a Life Update

We realized today that we haven't posted anything in one week!! Gosh, has it flown by! A couple of my (Whit's) cousins have been turning an old shed attached to the back part of our cabin into a super nice closet! :) Gingin, JD and I will be getting paint and a couple of racks to put up this weekend. We can't wait to show the video of the true transformation of our bungalow.

Thursday night, we had a wonderful little "newlywed couple dinner" with our friends at the lake, Bo & Angie and John & Robyn. They are both fantastic couples and amazing people. We have planned a couple of other ventures soon to come in the fall... with that being said, you will probably meet them via video soon enough.

In other news, I started volunteering at the First Call Pregnancy Center in Greensboro, Ga., this past week. We had training yesterday and today. While the entire center is complete with confidentiality, I will not be able to share many stories with yall, but please know that we will still be asking for much prayer on the behalf of the girls and women that will enter its doors unknowingly seeking more than just help for their unborn babies.

Most importantly, we have an incredibly exciting update for everyone... the Lord has officially blessed JD with a paying technology job at Lake Oconee with TechKnow Gurus. After four months of searching in basically four or five different states without more than a reply of "You are too qualified" or "You are not qualified enough," he has finally gotten the opportunity to exhibit to an employer the knowledge he has and the potential he has in order to build the company dramatically. Praise the Lord! :) What element adds even more to this blessing? We get to continue living in our sweet bungalow right next to my wonderful grandparents in the same town as our new friends. After being close-minded at the fact that we wanted to live so far away from both of our families in the beginning, God definitely brings us to a beautiful humility. We are excited to be living in a place that He has obviously appointed us to. Thank you everyone for your prayers! A sincere word spoken to our Father is never wasted. Please continue to pray for us both as we now enter into the realms of a workplace, that through all situations Christ's name will not only be known but that it will also be lifted high and glorified. :)

Oh yea, and here's a quick video of one of our favorite household utensils... the Onion Chopper.