The Todd Nest : Guest Bedroom

True charm.

That's what we were going for with the guest bedroom...

We still have A LOT of work to do in this room to bring it up to the standard I would like (i.e. get / make a bedskirt!!). But I wanted to show you the progress so far. 

Before two weekends ago, the bed was positioned against the wall below the mirror.

Then my parents decided to put their house on the market and get rid of a few large items.

As always, yet we never expect to do so, we loaded up a Uhaul and drove it up to Huntsville. 

**Thanks Mom and Dad!!**

They gave us the lovely dresser and bedside table.
The pieces look kind of Army green in these photos but they're really a nice grey. 

My heart has been set on this dresser since Mama E found it and refinished it. 

I feel like the style and color palette is all over the place. I'm going to work on bringing a more cohesive theme into the room, but probably stick with greys. Not sure about the burlap in this room. 

When I finish decorating, I will post new photos!! 

Jitney's Journeys : Ecclesiastes 3:11 Painting

What an amazing promise from God!

One of my friends asked me to make her a customized 16" x 20" art piece for her home with Ecclesiastes 3:11 being the main focus.

Color theme should consist of blues, grays and purples
with a tree somewhere in the painting.

The biggest challenge of not having a whole lot of initial vision for a piece is just that... not having a grand initial vision for the piece. 

But I went with it. I'm honestly not even sure how I arrived to completion with this piece because it started out way dull and kind of dark. Then I started highlighting areas and made the leaves (unrealistically) purple, turquoise, gray and white. It brought a whimsical flair to the piece; it brought hope, which is what Ecclesiastes 3:11 is all about. 

Confession: I wish I could say that I free-handed the wood grain on the tree but I used a stencil. I've been wanting to use this stencil for forever, and I finally did. It was worth the wait. Everything else was freehand though, I promise.

The sides are painted in gray and lavender stripes to highlight some of the lavender she has as accent pieces in the room.

I've really never done a piece like this for someone, being without a mixed media theme, but it was super fun to make. I hope Nicole loves it as much as I do!!