November 5: Jerusalem on Shabbat

Yes, this post is written five days after the last one. You didn't miss much. JD worked every day, and I laid out at the pool (until the guy at the entrance asked me, "Why are you always alone by yourself?"... then I just sat in the hotel room or the executive lounge - wouldn't that creep you out a little too??).

We traveled over to Jerusalem. This was the first and only "guided tour" we went on.

Our tour guide was Jewish and stated bluntly and frequently that "these are the Christian beliefs but [he] just doesn't understand how people can think that way."

To put it in a more direct light for you... we would be standing at the Via Dolorosa and he would say, "This plaque on the wall is where Jesus put His hand when carrying the cross to His crucifixion, but I personally don't believe He was the Messiah."

To be transparent with you, it was tough hearing the guide use a disclaimer like that for everything JD and I believe in. It was interesting and challenging to hear his beliefs, but still tough to follow a guide who was telling us about Jesus but didn't know Jesus himself.

Praise Jesus that through His crucifixion and resurrection, He has removed the veil from the high place; that where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom; and that we all, with unveiled faces, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image of Christ from degree of glory to another (2 Cor 3:16-18).

In our next post, we will take you on a tour through the Old City (it may last longer than one post).

Below is Palestine, right behind us. You may not know the level of callousness between the Palestinians and Israelites, so let us put it into perspective for you... Israelis have yellow on their car tags and the Palestinians have blue on their car tags. If an Israeli car is seen crossing over the Palestinian line, well, they'll be bombed. From what we gathered, it seems like the Israelites have a less harmful form of punishment for the Palestinians but they won't be allowed over the line regardless.

Can you believe how close the two territories are? We are standing in Israeli territory but the Palestine territory is directly below us.

My sweet husband...

Can you see the Temple Mount? It's the gray building with the golden dome. That marks the location of the Old City, specifically the Muslim Quarter.

We are now on the other side of the road from our previous photo. Can you believe the contrast between the Israeli and Palestine territories? The Palestinian territory looks desolate and dry but Israel looks like it's thriving. Besides this trip, we didn't venture near Palestine. :)

Etsy Shop Announcement!

Wow! We just realized that we haven't announced our Etsy Shop opening yet!! Wahooooo!!

This shop has been a long-time coming but we opened it on April 9. It has been fairly successful so far. We're excited about the challenges of keeping everything stocked and making sure our ideas and creations are fresh!

Here is our newest addition to the shop: Shabby Chic Burlap Placemat with Ivory Lace Running through Middle

We also carry super stylish "cuffees" - reversible, reusable coffee cup sleeves - that you can find here. Each cuffee is unique in its design and stitching. If you would like a customized order for any occasion (including bridesmaids' gifts, birthday gifts, parties, anything of the sort), email us here and we can make that happen! 

Of course, we have the Cleaning List printable up for sale too. We are working tediously on compiling the ultimate Newlywed Organization Book but it's taking a while. Hang in there with us. :) The finished product will be epic. 

Reel Time Thursday

We figured it was time to share some happenings of Jitney in real time by busting out a few recent reels of photos (oh yeah - we just pulled out the play on words). 

We've had some pretty cool stuff going on, but no worries - we'll get back to posting about Israel again soon. Gosh, this time-sensitive info sharing is tough stuff.

On the day of pinching each other and singing ole' Irish songs (St. Patty's Day), we got to help build this awesome ramp for a family in Huntsville. We worked with an organization called CASA of Madison County
Mission Statement: Care Assurance System for the Aging and Homebound is a non-profit agency located in Huntsville, Alabama that provides services to individuals age 60 and older and to the homebound (wheelchair and bed bound) of all ages. Our programs are designed to enable the elderly and homebound to maintain their independence, dignity, health and safety by providing services that specifically address their special physical and emotional needs. 
JD was offered the opportunity through his job. Like most of the time, I tagged along. :) You just can't beat working for a group of people who want to serve the community!

PS: Can you believe this team built the spectacular ramp in only a few hours? 

OH! And if you're concerned that we didn't celebrate St. Patrick's Day... don't worry. I took some advice on a date night from The Dating Divas. Their site is the go-to place for all things dating!! And yes, we strongly advocate dating your spouse after the wedding day on a VERY consistent basis (we celebrate Date Night once a week). 

We realize it's a little late, but what did you do for St. Patrick's Day? Any luck of the Irish come your way?

The Todd Nest : Apartment Livin'

Wherever we are, we love making a place our own. This means lots of character, lots of distressed items but most of all, lots of objects with stories behind them. Enjoy the tour of our Nest!

--> Please note this is from our apartment. We have not updated the blog for our house...

If you walked up to our door, this would be the first thing you would see. :) I was inspired to make this wreath after seeing a similar one on Pinterest. You should check out the tutorial here. This would make a wonderful "welcome to your new home" gift for newlyweds or a neighbor!

Our Bedroom:

The bedroom. We just got this comforter from Macy's on sale! It is absolutely stunning and makes it nearly impossible to get up in the mornings because it is just so comfortable! One of my favorite parts of our bedroom is the banner going across the headboard. My mom and I made this together. I'm thinking about selling a few on Etsy... would you buy one?

We bought this cool lamp and the little grass jar from Pier 1. It adds a contemporary flair to our vintage nest. I made the "I Would Be Lost Without You" piece as a surprise to JD. It was super simple: a wooden canvas, paint, sandpaper and vinyl. The "TODD" letters were a gift to us from my brother and his wife - also one of those unique wedding gifts that you proudly set out for everyone to see. The seashell has an image of the Philippines sketched into it.

Our Bathroom:

The jewelry board: I have always hung my jewelry on large nails I nail into the wall. I figured we may need to find an alternative to that... so we went to Target, found a bulletin board and I painted / distressed the edges. The jewelry hangs on beautiful pushpins my mom gave me and I filled the rest of the board with my wedding hanky, art, vintage items and commemorative objects for JD and me.

My Office: 

{another sigh} The stationery held in a vintage suitcase my grandmother gave us. I remember the first time I saw this suitcase... I fell in love with it. When we moved from the bungalow, she gave it to me so I could bring it to Huntsville. Along with many other memories, this suitcase will always remind us of our grandparents and the times we shared with them at the lake.

Our Kitchen:

I absolutely LOVE old bottles and glass of any kind!! When we were packing up from college, I realized JD is a collector as well (his is more of the labeled kind from different countries). It's been fun combining our collections. Fortunately our apartment kitchen has an open area between the top of the shelves and the ceiling, thus making it the perfect little place for all of my collection. This plethora of bottles, glasses and vases come from various antique stores, friends and family.

These canisters are from Bed, Bath & Beyond. They were originally plain and white but mom and I spiced them up with customized vinyl lettering.

Due to lack of storage space, we place all of our kitchen accessories - tools, mitts, towels and recipe box - in a basket so we can easily move everything if we need access to the plug.

{sigh} Ahh. The coffee basket. Our friend Shannon gave us this basket as a wedding gift and I couldn't think of anything more fantastic to place in it than our morning / dessert coffee supplies. As JD and I had our first conversation in a coffee shop, we all know that the Todd Home would not be complete without an overflow of delicious coffee in an elegant display.


Oh, what's this? More glasses, eh? Yes, more glasses. Seriously though - don't you just love them!!?? The colors, the tints, the shapes. So perfect. This fantastic vintage pie safe was a gift given to us from my mom and dad. Mom made sure it was refinished before they gave it to us though. It was a little rugged prior to the refinishing but now it's amazing! The lamp on top is an old Mason jar filled with marbles. 

DIY: From Shed to Closet

Well, here's our finished closet!!!... well, we will never "finish" it but it's finished with the main touches. We will be posting our finished paint job/moving in of the different furniture next week.

In other news, JD's life is amazing. God is seriously rocking both of our worlds right now. JD got his first paycheck two weeks ago and he is really helping to build TechKnow Gurus (the company he is working for). He had some offers to apply at other places but he doesn't want to leave the area... or the company. He has the heart of a "Guru" now. He's the most dedicated and faithful man I know. :)

In my life, gosh. God is so good. JD told Bo Fowler (area director of Fellowship of Christian Athletes around here) to be praying for me because if I don't have just one thing to focus on, I try to take over the world basically. Haha - so Bo suggested that I work with FCA in the area. Little did we know, God had already started planning it all out. After tons and tons of other "God Moments", Bo presented the idea to the FCA Area Board last night that we have a need. A need for a female to be in a position to minister to the other female students, coaches and coaches' wives in the area. They whole-heartedly approved the new position of the full-time Female Area Staff Member. Praise the Lord! Seriously. He is the only One to praise in all of this because His hand has been ALL OVER IT!! However, before I can be placed on staff, I have to raise 75% of the funds -- probably somewhere between $25,000. Or rather, God will PROVIDE those funds. We have complete trust and faith, knowing that God is all in this. It sounds like so much money, but we would be completely belittling God if we didn't have faith in know that He will provide because He is a MIGHTY and LIVING God. :)

Just as God is all over it, we know that the enemy will be too. Please please be praying for our marriage, our hearts, our determination and our dependability... for them to all be completely founded and buckled into the Heart of Christ.