Viva Las Vegas : Happily Ever After

Have you ever been to Fashion Show Mall in Vegas? 

It's pretty epic. 

A fashion show stage and catwalk literally rise from the ground floor and models strut their stuff. As soon as the show is over, the models step back into their window-shop positions as the stage and catwalk lower back down into the basement of the mall like an elevator. 

Sheer genius.

We celebrated Jackie's birthday at Maggiano's, family style Italian. 


The guys fought against Optimus Prime. 

And we took a lovely family photo in front of a fountain.

Here's a few last Vegas shots for your viewing pleasure...

Thanks Chase and Jackie for letting us stay with you guys. We're super proud of the things y'all are doing in Vegas. God is doing amazing work in and through the two of you. Can't wait to see what else He will do! 

Mom and Dad  - Few kids can say that their parents have been married for 30 years... much less happily married for 30 years. Chase and I have been infinitely blessed by you two. Your kisses in the kitchen and hands intertwined when you walk have not gone unnoticed. In fact, it is the imagery of your entire marriage. Thanks for loving each other wholeheartedly. You have not only stuck with each other through the worst of sickness - but you have fought for each other within in. Thanks for rubbing mom's feet when her neuropathy kicks in full-blast and for driving dad at nighttime because glaucoma has glazed his eyes. Your support of one another is impenetrable. Thanks for remaining faithful in prayer and in the Lord when doctors said mom would only have one more year to live in her darkest time of sickness, and when doctors said dad wouldn't be able to see his daughter's birth because he would be blind by that point. 

Most people must live by faith and not by sight.

But I have seen. 

I have seen that God heals and that He does a mighty work in marriages, in families and in our bodies. Thank you for leaning on Christ and each other in times of trials rather than straying apart from one another. Thank you for setting such a pure example of marriage for Chase and Jackie, and JD and myself. 

We love you.

Here's to 50 more years of being newlyweds. ;)

The Fall Wreath.

Last Wednesday, my Gingin needed to drive to Milledgeville to go to Belk. And who doesn't love/want a shopping partner!? I didn't have any money to spend of course, but she really wanted to get JD and me a fake autumn bouquet at Wal-Mart so that we could revamp the wreath hanging beside our door. I thought this would be a great project for us to do together. However, she took my Papa to the hospital Thursday and they are still there highly anticipating on figuring out what in the heck is going on with his body, but we're hoping they will be pleasantly surprised with the wreath and all of the un-read newspapers sitting in Papa's comfy leather chair when they arrive back home.

WAY more than a side note: Please continue praying for our Papa. Pray that the doctors will be able to find out what the problems are and that the procedures to take care of them will be painless and will have very very few side effects, if any! Also, as wives know, please be praying for our Gingin. She lost her grandmother in July and now she's having to see her husband in pain. She is the strongest woman I know and she's determined that the Lord will be faithful during this time. In this circumstance, once again, we belittle God if we don't believe that His healing grace will prevail; and she, thus far, has never experienced a time when that Truth did not ring true. :)

So here is the video of JD and me putting together our new Fall Wreath! We hope it inspires you to add some autumn-loveliness to your front porch too.

Fall Wreath from Whitney Todd on Vimeo.

Music in this video: This Side by Nickel Creek

Our Honeymoon Part 2

We just have to say it... It has been so awesome having our friends and family telling us how much you all enjoy our blog. :) Thank you for the encouragement there. We really just started out doing it because we enjoy it (which we still do of course), but it's so exciting to know that people actually enjoy watching our videos too. So, we send our greatest thanks to you.

Also, we have put together our Part 2 of the Honeymoon Video. It's definitely nowhere as awesome as Part 3, but we have to keep your toes on the edge somehow, right? Kudos to everyone who liked JD's haircut. I (Whit) tried to fix it several times this weekend but he said it just wasn't the way Alli fixed it. So he would take his fingers through his hair a couple of times, and BAM. There is was. Just like Alli did it. Haha - I'm okay with that, I suppose. She is a professional after all... But I think he's becoming a professional too, and that makes me a little sad simply because I enjoy playing with his hair. Hopefully I'll become the pro soon too. :/

Finally, the funeral service for Grandma Moon was beautiful yesterday. It felt weird smiling so much at a funeral, but we know she is in the presence of the ALMIGHTY KING!! What's not to smile, or to envy, about that??

I got a little sick yesterday from dehydration but I'm trying to get my energy up and going today... and I learned just how much more amazing my husband is because of the gentle way he took care of me. Not many men will rub your back while you're dry heaving over a toilet. I mean, come on!! He loves me like no other and I am truly beyond blessed. :)

Oh yea, and here's the new vid! ENJOY!!

Honeymoon Part 2 from Whitney Todd on Vimeo.

Song choice: Your Hand in Mine - Explosions in the Sky
(we're going to do a better job with posting the song names from the vids.)