Vintage Greetings : Easter Inspiration

Snow flurries have been dancing around the past two days here in Huntsville. 


It may not look like Spring outside - or even feel like it - but the Todd Nest is ready for blooming flowers and the Easter bunny.

The birds are taking over, but that probably doesn't surprise anyone who has seen our home.

Bird nests, bird houses, bird cards, and birds (not real ones, of course).

When I was spending time with my family in Georgia, my grandmother gave my mom and me a huge bag of old greeting cards and postcards (along with the vintage scarves). We sat down at the dining room table and distributed those beauties amongst ourselves. Her and I are very similar but our tastes in vintage greeting cards couldn't be more different. 

We would've been in trouble otherwise.

The first greeting card ("HELLO" with the birds) quickly became my Spring decorating inspiration. I taped the back to 8.5" x 11" kraft paper and framed it with an antique white frame. 

The second greeting card has a vase of seven small flowers you can pull out.
"A Seven Day Cheer Card for You"
Each flower has a sweet quote hidden hidden its petals.
They don't make cards like this anymore, people...
I displayed it in a vintage flower frog. It's just one bonus element of our Easter display in the kitchen (main photo on top collage).

You probably can't tell from the picture but I slid one of the old card boxes between white books to give the glass jar (holding tiny nests) a boost. It has a nice aged tint to it with purple flowers lining the side. The perfect accent.

Vintage spring-themed cards would look breathtaking on a cute indoor Easter wreath or held up by vintage forks in a vase for your Easter dinner centerpiece.

What is your inspiration theme this spring?

Happy Spring!! Free Cleaning Printable...

Happy First Day of Spring!!!

Hopefully, you are outside enjoying this beautiful weather on this lovely first day of Spring. Maybe you're painting your fingernails super-fresh colors like this:

{Color: Rimmel 60 seconds, 819 Green with Envy}

Or maybe you're out picking big, bountiful flowers for those awesome vases:

{Photo taken at the Bungalow last year. Gingin grows the most beautiful hydrangeas at the lake!}

Whatever you're doing, you are probably either delighting in or dreading spring cleaning. To make it a little more exciting, JD and I decided to share our Cleaning List with you from our Newlywed Organization Book I designed last year (you know, the one I've been meaning to put up on Etsy... one day).

This printable (in color for you savvy families out there OR in black & white for those penny-pincher newlyweds) will be free for your printing pleasure on our blog until the end of March. Spread the love via Pinterest, Facebook or whatever you'd like! It's just one step closer to making our world into a cleaner world. :) Enjoy!

P.S.: "Int" means interior cleaning priorities and "Ext" means exterior. 

P.P.S.: The document should open in a different tab (Adobe tab, to be exact) and you can download the file from there free of charge. If not, well, please email us here. JD knows how to do all of this techie stuff but he's at work in the midst of me posting this. Fingers crossed. 

*As of April 9, The Cleaning List Printable has been placed in our Etsy shop! Come visit us here!!